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Where Can I Buy Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Manny Calayan Derma Products?

Unfortunately, Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Manny Calayan’s derma products are not for sale outside their clinics. These products can only be purchased when you visit their high-end and super expensive derma clinics. You will need a consultation first before  you can purchase any of their products. However, these skincare products are the ‘real deal’ especially when it comes to… Read more →

Belo Essentials Vs. Dr. Vicki Belo Derma Products

Question from LaTonya of Knoxville, TN: I’ve been doing some research and I came across a blog site that talks about Belo Essentials and Dr. Vicki Belo’s derma products. Do Belo Essentials have the same formulation as the ones that Dr. Belo has in her clinic? Hope to hear from you. ********************* Hi LaTonya, No, they do not. The ones… Read more →

The Truth About Unlabeled Skin Whitening Products Claiming To Be Diana Stalder, Vicki Belo and Manny Calayan

We’ve seen alot of online sellers who sell unlabeled skin whitening products claiming that it’s either made by Diana Stalder (well-known high-end brand), Dr. Vicki Belo or Dr. Manny Calayan (popular dermatologists-to-the-stars in the Philippines). Most of these products have a label of the product’s name, weight and a little description. However, you can never find the manufacturer’s name nor contact information on… Read more →

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