Can Glutathione Pills Whiten Your Skin?

Can Glutathione Pills Whiten Your Skin? / Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Can glutathione pills whiten your skin? Does it work?

The answer is….it does work for some people but not all. I’m honestly not a fan of glutathione pills because when I took it before, it didn’t work for me. I gave it a fair amount of time (about 4 months) and it didn’t change my skin tone at all. I got better results using topical whitening products (soap, lotion, cream) and when I took this kind whitening supplement (read about it here) everyday. I can honestly say that it whitened my skin about two shades.

A little information about glutathione:

I know that most of you probably know that glutathione is a tripeptide, which means it contains three amino acids namely  L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and L-glycine. I’m not going to write a lot about glutathione’s history because I am more focused on its effect in skin whitening.

For those of you who still wants to take glutathione pills, here’s what do you need to look for before buying it:

You have to look for the “reduced” glutathione form. The label or the ingredients panel should say “L-Glutathione Reduced.” Why do you need the “reduced” form? Because “reduced” means that this is the kind of glutathione that does not oxidize quickly after taking it. Oxidize or oxidation means that it loses its effectiveness after taking or using it. It’s important to keep in mind that glutathione does oxidize after taking it orally. But when you buy the “reduced” form, you’re basically taking the kind of pills that have a much better effect because it doesn’t lose its effectivness right away after hitting your bloodstream unlike the regular form of glutathione.

What can you do to see the whitening results a lot faster:

Take your glutathione pills with a high dose of Vitamin C. Since glutathione oxidizes, you need to take a “back up” supplement and your best choice is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a very good antioxidant and has a skin brightening effect as well. So you’re basically getting skin whitening plus skin brightening at the same time! You’re going to have a whiter and glowing skin just like a celeb in no time!

How much glutathione and Vitamin C should you take:

You have to take a minimum of 500 mg of glutathione per day to see skin whitening effect, however, I would take twice this amount of more due to the fact that it has the tendency to oxidize.

For example, if you’re taking 1000 mg of glutathione, you need to take twice the amount of Vitamin C. This means that if you’re taking 1000 mg of glutathione, then you must take 2000 mg of Vitamin C to guarantee skin whitening. I know it sounds a lot but don’t worry – this isn’t toxic. Why? Because Vitamin C and glutathione are both water soluble. There are no studies that shows Vitamin C or glutathione overdose.

(Friendly reminder: this is not a medical advice. Please contact your physician first before taking any kind of supplements.)

What brand of glutathione and Vitamin C should you buy:

I would suggest to stick with USA-made brand of glutathione pills. Why? Because if the glutathione supplement is made in the US, this means that if the product claims to have 500mg of glutathione, then this is more than likely 100% correct. The USFDA requires all manufacturers to indicate the exact amount of ingredients per capsule. There is no way to get around this policy in the States.

Also, when shopping for glutathione pills, please make sure that you’re getting 1 serving per capsule of at least 500 mg of Reduced L-Glutathione. I’ve seen many companies who promote that their glutathione pills have 800 mg of glutathione in the front of their labels but it turns out that this is actually for 2 servings. This means that you’re only getting 400 mg of glutathione per capsule – don’t be fooled by this marketing tactic.

There are a lot of glutathione supplement brands that are being marketed both online and in store and I’m still searching for the best brand of glutathione until now. I will update you guys when I find the right one.

How long before you see skin whitening results after taking glutathione and Vitamin C pills:

This really depends on your body. I can’t tell you when you’re going to see results because everyone is different. One thing though – please be diligent. You have to keep on taking the pills everyday, otherwise, you’re not going to see any results at all. There are reports that the average time before seeing results is about 12-16 weeks (3-4 months) of continuous use – but again, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some of you will probably see the results faster and some needs to take it for several months before seeing any results.

Is there an alternative to glutathione in terms or whitening the skin?

Absolutely. Here’s the article.

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  1. When taking glutathione you need to know the correct dosage
    It’s 30-40 mg of glutathione per kilogram of body fat and double the vitamin c
    When I started I was 200lbs and was taking 6-7 tablets per day and 12-14 vitamin c
    Saw amazing results after a month…….
    Will never stop using glutathione and vitamin c

  2. omg Taylor Scott, you are soo well spoken. i can see that this post is a bit old b ut i am hoping someone will be able to help. with me, i have moved to one province to another, and i started noticing with month that my skin got darker and my face started breaking (having pimples for the first time in my entire life. i am 28 this year). well, it could be the water becouse i was advised to never drink tap water, as much as i bath with it. in my case, using Glutathion and supplimenying it up with Vit C would it help or my case is bigger than the pill? and i rea that eating food that are high in glutation could help as well. and yes i have noticed that i appear tired and wrinkly?
    i would have liked to share a pic but i am not being given the option.

    thank you very much guys for all your comments.

  3. I’ve been using IV glutathione for about and a month 1200mg weekly and 1550mg daily taken orally and I must say that my skin improved a lot. My acne healed and I can see that pores are started to tighten up. In addition, my skin is getting lighter. I’m not sure with ya’ll but it’s working for me. So Imma continue with it.

  4. Don’t use glutathione pills.. Though I didn’t use it .. But I had a medium skin complexion earlier.. I used to take lime juice with lukewarm water and used to apply it on my skin… I also use lotus ‘s Papaya saffron cream in regular basis and use to apply mud pack twice in a week.. It helps to get me three
    shades fairer complexion.

  5. Iv been using the usa advanced one and other people have noticed the difference, I have just completed my 2nd bottle. I use ascorbic acid tabs with it. I get from a lady at work ,if anybody is interested. I do not like using topical creams, soaps ect, because sometimes the burn and damage the skin.

  6. I’ve been taking glutathione pills, using topical products, and IV’s for a year now.. and NO changes whatsoever. I’m pretty upset with all the money I’ve wasted… ugh, whatever.

  7. Hi im also taking gluthanion but nothing so far now id like to try the topical whitening products so wheee can i buy it in South Africa

  8. I have been taking 500 mg glutathione capsules and 2000 mg Vitamin C daily for the past 4 months and I the is no visible difference to my skin tone or health… upsetting.

    1. You must take glutathione 2x aday…and u must take vit.c with high dose than glutathione for more absorption.And u must drink a lot of water, dont expose to sunlight or use lotion with spf 50.

  9. Hello plc am about to buy 2000000mg gluta prime, do I still need to use vitamin c nd in case I stop using it will I become dark again????????. Plcccc.

    1. Hello,

      It will go back to its natural tone once you stop any kind of topical products or supplements. This is why you have to do “maintenance” a couple of times a week once after you reached your desired skin tone.

  10. Hlo.. I have a complain not about the product.. Some one is calling me.. Today he call more than 5 times.. voice call and video call.. What can i do… I trust this products of glutathione 🙁

    1. I personally think that IV injections don’t work. Use whitening products directly on your skin and take Vitamin C. These should make a difference.

      1. From childhood to now being 20 years old girl I’m feeling inferiority complex for my medium dark complexion .
        please tell me the names of best soaps, lotions,creams, supplements and anyother products. 🙁

      1. I totally agree….Using skin lightening products would do better. It’s just that you have to use high-quality stuff.

  11. Hello
    Have you got any news which reduced glutathione pill does works? Just wanna buy the best one or shall I say the most effective.
    Thank you

    1. I’ve tried so many brands before and personally, I think that Gluta pills don’t really work. I noticed great results by applying topical whitening products while taking Vitamin C.

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