Learn How To Use Kojic Acid Soap And See Faster Results!

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Which brand of kojic acid soap is more effective in skin whitening? There are very few brands out there that really work. Find out which one is the best by reading this article.

You’ve probably heard of the skin whitening benefits of using a kojic acid soap from your co-workers or family members and this is why you want to try it. I’ve read many reviews about it and have tried a couple of brands myself since I was in high school. I can tell you right now that it works but you need to know how to use it, which brand you need to buy and the do’s and don’ts while using this whitening soap.

What it does and how it works:

Kojic soap is a very powerful skin whitening soap made from kojic acid, which is also called Sake or Japanese rice wine.  What it does is it aggressively exfoliates the top layer of the skin to reveal a much whiter and smoother skin tone underneath. Exfoliation plays a key role in skin whitening because if the skin is not exfoliated regularly, the dead skin cells will start to build up and no matter what skin whitening product you use on your skin will simply not work. The best thing about using a kojic acid soap is it’s a skin exfoliator and whitener at the same time – it’s the only soap that you need to use to have a smoother, whiter and even skin tone.

What are the benefits of using kojic acid soap?

Aside from its skin whitening benefits, kojic soap also does these things:

  • Helps remove acne/pimples and acne scars.
  • Gets rid of hyperpigmentation, melasma, dark spots and other skin blemishes.
  • Exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin, which help get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and it also unclogs pores. Note that clogged pores can make your the appearance of your pores enlarged.
  • Evens skin tone and doesn’t make you look like you “bleached” your skin. Kojic acid soap actually gives you that “natural” lighter skin tone and this is one of its advantages. I know a lot of people (especially women) who use skin whitening products and it looks so obvious because they have a “fake white” on.
  • Gets rid of dark spots in the body especially in the underarms, buttocks, knees, elbows and inner thigh area.

The results overtime is comparable to getting a regular chemical peel and microdermabrasion combined without the downtime at a fraction of its cost.

The kojic acid soap brands that I’ve tried myself:

kojic acid soap #1. Marie France Kojic Soap – this is what I’m currently using. So far, it has exceeded my expectation. Like what I said, I’ve tried so many different brands of kojic soap but this brand is the best by far. I’m currently using it on my butt, bikini and underarms area. I also use it on my face maybe 2-3 times a week. I’m acne prone and the acne/pimples I used to have left scars of my face. It removed it and this is just a maintenance soap for me now. This is also a very strong whitening soap. The soap box says “maximum strength” and they’re right – it’s maximum strength. One of my co-workers asked me, “why is your face so much whiter that the rest of your body?” That was funny but that’s when I realized that it really works when it comes to skin whitening because when he said that to me, I’ve only been using it for one week!


Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Soap

#2. Diana Stalder – I used this soap for maybe six months. This is not just kojic soap but papaya kojic. It did help lighten my skin but I felt that it’s kinda slow so I decided to try a different brand.








likas papaya soap#3. Likas Papaya – I remember using this soap when I was in 6th grade. Back then, I had severe acne and one of my friends who had used this brand told me to try it myself. It worked for her so I wanted to see if it’s going to work for me. Unfortunately, it broke my skin out ever more! I know that my skin type (sensitive) has something to do with it as well. We didn’t have air conditioner when I was growing up so it was hot. I stopped using this soap after a few days.


Why you should use it:

If you’re like me who have tried so many different whitening products to get rid of skin blemishes especially dark spots and uneven skin tone, then kojc soap is right for you. This is an amazing and very powerful soap! Not only it whitens your skin but it also makes it soft and smooth. It can permanently remove skin blemishes, fade old scars and even out skin tone. This is recommended for those individuals who want to have a whiter, brighter and smoother skin every day. If you want to see a huge improvement in your skin and if you want to be confidently flawless from head to toe, then you should start using kojic acid soap today.

Who should NOT use this product:

Individuals who stay under too much sunlight should not use this soap at all. The reason for this is because this soap contains kojic acid, a very powerful skin whitening agent that can produce adverse effect when used under direct sunlight. Note that if you plan on using any kind of skin whitening product (soaps, creams, toner, etc.) you should not stay under the sun anyway. Also, if you’re the kind of person who wants to see results in about 1-4 weeks, then this soap (and any whitening product) is not for you. Why? Because it’s going to take sometime before you see any effects on your skin especially if you’re really dark. However, keep in mind that there are some people who would see results earlier than most of us. Some people I know have seen results after using this type of soap only after a week or two but again, don’t count on it because their skin type is not the same as yours. My recommendation is to use kojic acid soap for about 8 weeks or longer before you give up – even dermatologists would tell you that this is the right amount of time to see if a product would work for you or not.

What you should expect:

Common side effects that are NORMAL:

Please note that all of the side effects listed below will not be experienced by everyone since we all have different skin types. Also, these side effects might last between 1-3 weeks depending on your skin sensitivity.

  • Redness
  • Itchiness (use a heavy cream or lotion to prevent this from happening)
  •  “Tight Feeling”
  • Breakout (happens most of the time if you’re acne-prone)
  • Dry skin (use a heavy lotion or cream)
  •  Peeling
  • Burning/Tingling Sensation

Note: Don’t panic if you experience these side effects because it will eventually go away. It’s temporary.

When you’ll see results:  Results vary depending on your skin type and how fast your skin adapts to the active ingredients. However, it normally takes an average of 8-16 weeks before you see results.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do not stay under the sun.
  • Do not rub the skin if it’s itchy (add more moisturizer is the solution to itchy skin).
  • Do not leave on longer than the time frame listed below.
  • Do buy a heavy moisturizer before using the soap.

Important Information:

How to use:

  • First step: Always wet your face with warm (NOT hot) water. It’s always better to use the kojic soap when your pores are open (warm water opens pores) so that it will unclog it. Wash your face like how you would normally wash it with a regular soap but be aware of the timeframe I listed below.

First Week: If this is your first time using a kojic soap, then you should only use it once a day for no more than 20 seconds. You have to let your skin get used to the kojic acid. Leaving the soap on your skin for more than the time stated above might cause redness and irritation.

Second Week: You can now use it twice a day for no more than 20 seconds each time.

Third Week and so on: It’s now ok to leave it on for 1-2 minutes and use it twice daily.

For those who have sensitive/combination type of skin, you may feel some kind of “tingling sensation.” In addition, micro peeling will occur. This is a good sign. Whenever the skin peels, it means that it’s removing the dead skin cells and replacing it with a brand new one so that it’s going to look younger, whiter and smoother.

  • Second step (this is an important step): Wash your face with very cold water for about 2 minutes. Why is this important? Simply because since you opened your pores with warm water, you now have to close it with cold water. I noticed that when I finish washing my face with cold water, my pores are less visible and my skin feels a lot smoother. In addition, there’s less peeling. Maybe it’s just my skin but you should try it to and see what happens.
  • Third step: Dry your face and apply a heavy moisturizer – preferably a heavy skin whitening cream for your face and a whitening lotion for your body. Please note that kojic soap causes skin peeling. Yes, that’s that “dry skin” that you’re seeing. Don’t worry as it’s not really “drying” your skin, it’s actually peeling it to remove the dead skin so that kojic acid can penetrate your skin deeper. It also helps give you that smooth and radiant-looking skin.

 Ingredients: kojic acid, papain, glycerine, vco, aloe vera, orange scent and color

Questions and Answers:

  1. Who can use kojic acid soap?

Anyone can use it, however, people who stay under the sun should refrain from using this soap.

  1. Can I use it on my areolas?

No. I would not suggest to use a kojic soap in this very sensitive area. It’s way too strong.

  1. How long before I see results?

It depends on your skin. Results vary individually, therefore, no one can tell how long before you’ll see its lightening effect. However, this particular soap has to be used every single day (preferably twice a day) to see maximum results.

4.Can I use kojic soap on my underarms or inner thighs?

Absolutely. However, please be careful when using it in your inner thighs as you do not want the soap so be in your intimate part.

  1. Once I achieve my desired results, can I stop using it?

I wouldn’t suggest to completely stop using it. What I would do is to use it as a maintenance. For example, if you’re using it 2x a day, everyday, then you should just use it 2-3 times a week for maintenance. Remember that this is a topical skin whitening product and the result isn’t permanent.

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  1. I started using this about 2 months ago, it’s leaving white patches on my neck and face…? Can anyone tell why and how I can get rid of them?

    1. I personally have done it before but it also depends on how strong your bleaching cream is. Sometimes when used together, it might make your skin irritated. Try it but be mindful of how your skin looks.

  2. I used kojic soap for almost 6yrs and everyone notice of my fairer skin..+ ponds detox on my face.but my probs my pimples still growing esp. If i eat nuts….and dark spots stay long ina period of months..what is the best thing ill do??

  3. Hi, I just bought the KOJIE San Kojic Acid soap today and have used it only once , no irritation yet, but I also bought the Kojic Acid clear fast action cream, is it okay to use them both? My current routine plan :
    1) wash with the Kojic Acid soap,
    2)then apply a mix of tea tree oil and almond oil
    3)apply gold white double tone complexion milk
    4) apply Kojic Acid clear fast action cream as a spot treatment for my acne and dark spots
    5) if i’m Going out I will put on sunscreen
    Is this okay? Or is there something I should change?

  4. Hi!! I’m not using a kojic soap, but i’m using goree whitening soap. And i’m currently experiencing this peeling, dry and tingling feeling on my face. Is it okay?

  5. Hi, I know this may be a REALLY dumb question, but when using kojic acid soaps such as these, is it better to use them during a shower or after? I just wanna be sure.

  6. Hi Taylor. I’ve come across your page because I was looking for an explanation about my face that feels a burning sensation and is reddening just after three days of using Kojic Acid soap. It is only my second time to use it and the first use was only for one wash. I washed twice a day for the three days and then my face starts peeling and then I feel it burning and becomes red when I am exposed to high temperature. I hope you can still reply to this comment.

  7. Hi Taylor after my delivery I feel too dark spots on my face and hands am really worried so much I have used so many brand but nothing works plz suggest me any advice I want to make even tone my skin

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  9. Hi! I came across your blog post since im trying to find whitening products that could lighten my inner thighs and underarms. Im 16 and my underarms and inner thighs are not that dark but it doesn’t match my skin tone. I would like to try the kojie san whitening soap with milk… is it effective? And will it take long til i get my desired result? Thank you ????

  10. The results are not permanent as u claim. Once u stop using it u will go dark again. I was using it and I got a very wonderful result but wen I got pregnant and I had to stop due to my condition.. I went dark.

  11. hi taylor! i got confused with the effects of the kojic soap… how come it said “breakout” when it’s also for removing acne?

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  13. Hi I’ve been using Nair hair removal on my face for a couple years to get rid of facial hair. This product has made the parts where i apply it (sides of my face, jaw, upper lip, and chin) to get darker. After noticing my uneven skin tone i discontinued the use and tried other things to help get back to my normal self but nothing has helped. I recently bought kojic acid from ebay and have been using it for about a week now all over my face and have not seen results yet. Will this soap help with my discoloration from Nair product?

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  16. Hello Taylor, great post. I’m currently using kojic soap for my neck and arms. Here’s my two-part question: How long should i leave them on? Do i need to constantly massage my skin with the foam while it is on?

  17. Will it be ok if I only use this on weekends where Im only at home? At mon-fri i work at makati. I use umbrella or cap whenever the sun rays are unavoidable. So far I use glutamax and I dont see any progress at all.

  18. Hi! I’ve been using this soap since last year. I started using it on our christmas break and I really loved the results. However after christmas break, i have been exposed to sunlight because of school activities and have noticed that my skin became darker. So i discontinued using it. If i used this soap again would my desired complexion be regained?

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