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skin whitening blogHello and welcome to Beauty Regimen!


My name is Taylor and I created this blog so that I can share my experience with everyone out there who’s curious about skin whitening. My goal is to write quality articles and post personal reviews, try the products and posts pictures on this blog about the skin whitening products that I’ve tried so far. Note that the products that I’ve tried were either bought and paid by myself, given to me as a gift or was given to me for free for a review. This blog helps with people who need proper information on Anal Bleaching, dark skin, scars, and more.

Like you, I also have skin problems like dark butt, inner thighs, underarms, bikini area, stubborn acne scars, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. I know how embarrassing these skin conditions are (especially dark inner thighs if you are intimate with someone) and this is why I’ll be your guinea pig when it comes to trying the products first before you buy it.

I’ve researched and tried almost all skin whitening products our there… and I’m here to share my experience with you! Plus, I’ll tell you which ones works the best and how to properly use it. We’ll tackle all subjects in this blog – from the top 10 best skin whitening products, reviews, how-to’s… this is going to be your go-to page when it comes to skin whitening questions!

So far, I’ve used products like kojic soap, alpha arbutin creams, retinoic lotions, peeling oils, glycolic with kojic toner, etc. I’ll be posting pictures and will be writing reviews about my experience with these products so stay tune…

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at beautyregimen@gmail.com

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  • I am a Marie France Skin and Body Care ambassador and a compensated affiliate. I’m also related to the company that markets the Marie France Skin and Body Care brand because I know the principal/owner personally. However, I’ve personally use all of the products that’s on this blog and you can see the results on the pictures that I have posted in this website. All of the pictures that you see on this blog are taken by me, not photoshopped and only shows my real experience with the products that I’ve tried so far.
  • I am also a compensated affiliate for other brands that I talk about and recommend on this blog.
  • This blog is a sponsored blog. Please assume that any/all of the posts, links, photos and other materials on this website are sponsored/compensated/affiliate.
  • I am not a doctor and all of the information listed on this website should not be taken as a medical advice. You should always consult a medical professional prior to using any kind of skincare products, health products, devices, etc.
  • The statements I made on this blog have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products that I talk about on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  • Skincare works differently for everyone. The products that I used and wrote about on this blog worked fine for me but it may not work for you. By accessing this site, you are releasing this website and it’s owner/s for any liabilities whatsoever that may arise from using the products endorsed on this blog.

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When are you going to post your updated peeling pictures?

Onuorah Stella

How can I get the soap


Hi,how do i get marie france products in nigeria and how do you become an ambasador

When are you going to post about the stretchmark removal? Hopefully that will really help me. Ive spent gallons of lotions and oils but nah! Nothing!

Angelica A. Radaza

so koji soap can be used on ur dark anus and inner thigh?

You can use it on your inner thighs but you have to very careful. NO, you cannot use it on your anal area.

My inner thighs are too dark n my complexion is diiferent now help wat can I use. I dnt use any cream on my face but I got blemishes wat can I use help its really embarrassing

What’s your skin type? Normal, sensitive, combination, etc?

Alicia Alam


I was wondering if you have tried glutathione injections? If so, what were the process, cost and results?

Nope, I would never. In fact, it’s illegal here in the US. I’ve seen a couple of online stores that sell it but I would never try it. First, it’s injections. How would you know that it’s sterile? Next, injecting it directly to your bloodstream is totally scary. I’ve been successful lightening my skin without using the injections and I’m content with that. Last, if the FDA states that it’s illegal, then I would never dare to try it.

Nikki Grace

I love this! I just stumbLed Across this and I must confess…me like. I thought Perfecting Brightener brands are d best out there in terms of lightening ur Skin. What do u think pls?am fair(ok fine,yellow) by nigerian standards but will like 2 get a brighter & more even toned body & face. Will appreciate ur suggestions. Thanks. Looking 4ward 2 hearing From u.

Have you tried the Marie France brand? Are you trying to lighten your face or your whole body?

veni kisten

I found your info very helpful. To me it made lot of common sense, esp about gluthathion. I have also tried lots of whitening products in vain.
I really like to know how i could buy belo whitening cream.
Since i live in the Netherlands.
Thank you once again

I don’t know. I know that Filipino stores here in the US sells it.


so should i buy diana stadler soap from ebay

You can but make sure that they sell authentic DS products.


The diana stalder soap is more effective than the papaya. I’ve seen much of a big difference with the diana soap it made my skin peel but not noticiably . I know I still have to continue using the product to see better results. I’ve had it for a month. Maybe at about the 3rd month ill be happy with my results. I can say the papaya soap I’ve had for 3months and haven’t seen much of a difference in my skin tone.. I still have a lot of the bar with both soaps.


Oh yea and the smell isn’t the best smell. But they’re not bad.

I agree. I used Likas before but didn’t really see any difference. Kojic acid is definitely the main ingredient that can lighten the skin and the papain extract is for exfoliating only so that the kojic acid can penetrate the skin easily. One thing I noticed as well is where the raw materials came from. Those with European or American ingredients are far more effective than the Asian raw mats.

This is very useful indeed. I am astonished this information is not more widely available, however many thanks for your attention to it! This is likely the most comprehensive source I’ve found up to now, and it truly is quite helpful. Cheers