Anal Bleaching Before and After Pictures

Anal bleaching Before and After:

Anal bleaching before and after results are in! Ever wonder which treatment will really bleach your butthole? Well, here it is!

What is Anal Bleaching?

Anal Bleaching is the process of lightening the darker pigmentation on or around the anus leaving a more even skin tone. It is typically done by applying a cream that contains a lightening agent to the skin around the anus. The procedure which entails the application of cream to the anus should be done cautiously.

Creams can be applied in the privacy of your own home. Imagine going into a store and asking, what is the best anal bleaching cream? A majority of people would never dream of asking this question. Nevertheless, data suggest that more people than ever are in looking to find information about this cosmetic procedure online. The reason is obvious – no one wants to deal with awkward stares at the checkout lane.

Why do people want to lighten their anal area?

The thought of bleaching the most sensitive areas on the body including the anus has recently entered into the mainstream of media and culture. A fair look for one of your most intimate body parts is desirable for several reasons: proper self-care and beauty treatments are standard practices in daily life.

“Anal Bleaching” is becoming an increasingly popular routine for many individuals. Due to ageing and hormonal changes, men and women suffer from dark discoloration on the intimate areas. Dark pigmentation around the anus can be also a result of pregnancy, wearing tight clothing or a melanin increase in this area of the body.

Anal bleaching has become an accepted practice in the general community especially those who are embarrassed by their darker skin around the genitals. People usually look for remedies to somehow reduce the appearance of dark discoloration the reason why the demand of anal bleaching creams and products grew dramatically.

Is Anal Bleaching safe?

The first thing you need to know about anal bleaching is that it is safe and effective if you use the correct product with the right ingredients. When you aim to look your best, this includes all aspects of your physical appearance. There is some controversy regarding how safe the treatment is, however, studies show that it is safe as long as you the cream that you use does not contain hydroquinone.

You may have read some conflicting information already, so it’s natural to be worried. As we age, it is natural that certain areas of our bodies gather more pigment.

Where and how can you get the treatment?

  1. By going to a salon – you can go to a salon that specializes in anal bleaching and get the treatment there. Note that you may need several sessions before you see results. However, a lot of people avoid this option as it can be very embarrassing to bend over and expose your anus to the aesthetician. Another reason is most salons that do anal bleaching use hydroquinone-based products. HQ is definitely a no-no because it’s a clinically-proven carcinogen.
  1. Use an anal bleaching cream at home – A lot of people have started to lean towards treatments that can done at home for privacy reasons. Like what’s stated above, it’s very uncomfortable to expose your intimate area to an aesthetician that you barely know. Some anal bleaching products in the market use harsh chemicals that are harmful to the skin and could cause more darkening.

This is why it is very important to consider finding the right product that has no known risks or potentially damaging side effects. When buying an anal bleaching cream, keep in mind that you should look at the ingredients carefully.

Look for ingredients like Alpha Arbutin and Niacinamide. It’s better if the cream contains both of these ingredients because Alpha Arbutin inhibits melanin (dark skin) formation while Niacinamide gradually lightens the skin.

These two lightening actives are considered to be the most effective and safest way to bleach your anus. Never buy creams that contain Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Glycolic Acid or Vitamin C since these ingredients will darken the skin even more and might cause irritation.

Using anal bleaching products will help rejuvenate the intimate areas. The efficacy in diminishing the look of darkened anal depends on the formulation, concentration and ingredients used.

Ingredients that effective anal bleaching creams contain:

Look for ingredients like Alpha Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Niacinamide and Licorice Extract. These ingredients are very potent but the at the same time, it will not cause skin irritation.

What not to use:

Do not use creams that contain Kojic Acid, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, etc. Although these ingredients whiten the skin, you absolutely want to avoid applying in your anal area as it could cause severe skin irritation and would probably make the skin darker. There are a lot of bleaching creams out there that contain these ingredients so make sure that you read the ingredients first.

How about “instant” anal bleaching creams?

I read an article about an aesthetician talking about some kind of cream that would instantly bleach the anus. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing. No cream out there would turn your dark butt hole lighter immediately. Skin lightening is a gradual process and it takes time before you see results. Even doctors would tell you that it takes approximately eight to twelve weeks before you see a difference and that still depends on the person’s skin type.

How long before you see results:

On average, it normally takes 12-16 weeks of using the bleaching cream twice a day before you seeing results. Remember that individual results vary depending on skin type. Note that you have to be consistent in using the cream in order to see results.

My own experience: How I bleach my anus at home

I use a bleaching cream called Marie France Tone Perfecting Creme. I use it two to three times day after taking a shower or washing myself. I always shave the area first before I use the cream.

Note that having too much hair in the area is not good because the active ingredients of the product will not be able to get in contact with the skin. Make sure that the skin gets a generous amount of the cream and no hair blocks the cream’s contact with the epidermis. I’ve been doing this for at least a few months now and so far, it has lightened three shades.


Intimate area bleaching will continue to evolve in both safety precautions as well as overall effectiveness.  But bear in mind that the hyper pigmentation did not appear overnight, therefore, it will take quite some time before it eventually fades away. Once the skin tone has improved after the treatments, maintenance is recommended to keep the area more even toned.

When you give a healthy amount of thought and attention to other physical areas of your body, you may not want to forget about your anal area as it is still part of your body.

WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COPY OUR PHOTOS BELOW. Otherwise, we will report you and file a notice of Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement with ALL search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others to have your site/s removed from their search results. We have apprehended ten websites for plagiarism already. Let this be a warning.

Here are my before and after pictures:

I’ve been using the Creme for 5 months and the Mask for 2 months. Note that you have to use these kind of products for several months before you see results. If your anus is as dark as mine, then it will take several months before you see it lighten. You need to be consistent with it so that you’ll see results.

I’d like to add that I’ll continue using these products until I reach my desired results. Unfortunately, my butt hole is way too dark to lighten in 5 months. As you all can see, my before picture was 20x darker than my natural shade. The good thing about these anal bleaching products is that I know they work. You can tell a big difference from my before and after pictures.

For questions and concerns: Please leave a message using the “Leave a Reply” form below and I will answer your question/s as soon as possible.

Anal Bleaching Before and After Pictures:
anal bleaching before and afteranal bleaching before and after
anal bleaching creamanal bleaching creamanal bleaching cream

Where I bought it:


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First Iam very grateful to you for your post . Your picture gives a girl who is insecure about intimate parts more confidence and a solution . I started using Marie France soap , mask and creme. I had a very darker shade in my inner thighs , groin , underarms and butthole . It was so ugly as my skin was 30 times lighter than these areas . It took me a year to have a lighter shade and still Iam using it to make it look lighter . Thanks a lot from my heart .



HI , HOW MANY MONTHS HAVE U OBSERVED BEFORE INTIMATE PARTS BEEN LIGHTER? i also have same issue especially i was been fat since childhood so ive got this discoloration between my thighs and groin and i wanted to use 2-piece someday,

hope for you reply


can i get your email pls

Of course. It’s


Is this cream especially only for anus or can I use it on vagina and thighs as well?
And how do use the Tone Perfecting Mask? Do you use it after using the bleaching cream or before?
And by the way if you don’t mind me asking what your race is? because as far as I know the sensitivity of the skins also depend races.

Thank you :)

The cream can be used in the anal and thighs as well. You have to use the Mask first and leave it on for like 30 mins to an hour and then use the Creme. I’m Filipino.


Does it not bother you that you vagina and anus are on the internet, I mean don’t get me wrong I think its hot…but for your own personal that doesn’t give you a weird vibe.

Not really. I’m actually proud of myself since I’m the first ever to do a before and after results of anal bleaching cream. I would never be ashamed since I’m doing this for review/educational purposes.


Cool, thats good…I didnt mean it as in you had to be ashamed or anything i just meant like does it feel weird that people see your p**** and stuff…idk to me it should be a private thing i guess but yeah…good job with it either way. At least you have confidence


I want to remedies to whiten my vaginal from the inside. Not just the lips. Is that possible?

I don’t know. I know that the products that I used are for the outer parts only and not for the inside. Is it really that visible though? I mean the darkness inside your labia?


Wow, this stuff is amazing! Thank you so much for showing your progress with product!!! Do you think this would work on nipples , vagina or elbows and knees? I have a lighter skinned tone with very dark knees and elbows. Also I have a lot discoloration on my vaginal area!

It works on all of the areas that you mentioned but I don’t think you can use it on your nipples.


Fyi the majority of the darkness is caused by dead skin build up ( example how some people have dark necks from dead skin) and the rest is basically pigmentation problems


The way your anal lightened is WAY more close to my natural skin tone…If I use these two on my back, butt and inner thighs can I expect the same results within the time frame yours lightened? Also can I use the soap in conjunction with the lightening? If so will I probably see faster results. (
I’ve been using the soap for two weeks and I just applied the cream to my bum only last night )

I don’t know if your skin will lighten within the same timeframe as mine did as we all have different skin type and of course, the results will vary. You can use the soap in the butt cheeks area but definitely not in the anal area.


So is it back to your natural color yet ? Also may you post updated photos


Do you think I can use this to even out my skin tone & help with the dark spots on my face?

I think you can. For the dark spots on your face, you should use the soap and toner in conjunction with the cream.


Cant even see the asshole in those pictures! And why bother with a watermark on such low-res pics, and why put the watermark right over the area youre trying to show off?

#1. I don’t want it to be stolen. There are a lot of bloggers/people/company who uses other people’s pictures and claim it as theirs. #2. It’s low res because I used my cellphone to take the pic. #3. I can see my asshole in that pic. Maybe you should look closer.


Can you use this on the vagina as well? Do you have to use it for 4 month and is it dangerous for your skin? And thanks for the pics.

Welcome. No, it’s not dangerous since it doesn’t have any banned ingredients. Yes, you can use it on your vagina as well. I would post my vaginal whitening pics soon so stay tuned.


Can I still order and will get it forsure beautyregimen

One thing I can tell you is that I always get my products whenever I place the order through the MF website.


Helllo! Im pretty impressed about the results, were those pics taken after 2months of everyday twice applying cream? Didn’t ur cream finished did u buy another one? And is it okay to use it between the thighs since the whole area down there is dark?

Hi.. I think it took like around 3-4 months before I saw a big difference. The Creme and Mask probably would last around 3-4 weeks and then I had to buy it again. Yup, you can use it on those areas as well.


Hi I am very interested in purchasing this product, but I wanted to know how quickly you go through the jar, also the amount you should use every day and how often did you have to repurchase the product to see these results?

It’s done after like 3 weeks. Just make sure that you use a generous amount of cream in the area.

Charlie W

First of all, congratulate you for the blog and the article. I agree that you are brave to put pictures of yourself, to see the difference and if these products really work. Although this subject interests me, I write because I disagree with what is exposed here. Not everyone thinks that having the anal area darkened is somewhat unpleasant. Not for me, I like it. My girlfriend also has this problem in his anal area. It is dark as its in your “before picture” I remember on our first relationships, she seemed a little shy about it. But when I… Read more »

Hey Charlie…OMG you’re such an awesome boyfriend!!!! I wish all men are like you. Very few men are like you who understands that we’re not perfect. Your girl is so lucky to have you.


Thank you! I finally have the answers and products I need. I have just one question- Is this permanent? Or does it need maintanence.

No problem. No skin whitening product is permanent. It’s topical, therefore, you need to use it continuously in order to keep/maintain the results.


Hi ! I was wondering will the soap and body scrub alone remove the dirty dead skin on my back , legs and etc & if so how long should I wait to see results.

Yes, it will help, however, please note that you should not use it in your anal area. The results vary depending on skin type. However, most of the time, it takes 8-12 weeks to see results if used continuously.


Hi, thanks for your review and pics, it really shows results, you are very brave showing real pics, thanks really thanks so much, well,I am a man with very deep skin issues, my skin shows lil spots, some big some smaller, some darker than others, my overall skin tone is not good, I mean it is not awful really, it is more like normal skin with many spots that you can note from a distance of 2metrs, so it is not pretty colour, at least to me, I am like asian or philipino type with half tanned dermis, in fact… Read more »

I use the Marie France brand and it works. In your case, it sounds like you may need to consult a dermatologist first because your skin tone complexion is a little odd.


Hi there!
The results are impressing.I just want to know how longer that cream will work??
Do I have to take it on a maintenance basis too?!

I’m sorry but I’m a little bit confused with what you’re asking. You said, “I just want to know how longer that cream will work??” What do you mean?


hi mine is darker than yours so i want to try it..where can i buy this cream? how much?

I bought it from this website: It was $24.99 when I bought it.


Are you still working on lightening? If so, how are your results today?
Thank you so much for posting!

Yes, I am. It’s getting lighter as the days go by. The thing is, I wear thong underwear and this is the reason why the area is kinda slow in terms of lightening. Thong underwear causes too much friction, which darkens the skin or slows down the lightening process.

Shawna Craig

Hi, thank you for being so brave! I appreciate you adding these photos here. Can I ask does cream hurt while on? Is it a stinging type feel or something else? I heard Sally Beauty Supply here on the East coast sells something. I think the cream you mention looks great though. Thanks again, Shawna!

Hi Shawna,

Nope, it doesn’t hurt at all. The actives of the creme and the mask that I used contain Alpha Arbutin and Niacinamide. It doesn’t sting or anything, which is what I like about it.


I don’t see a difference in the after :/

Maybe it’s your computer’s contrast. The dark area isn’t completely gone but it has lightened a few shades.


I dont think we needed to see your anus. Really. Is nothing sacred.

Thanks for the comment but my blog is all about showing before and after pictures, which my readers love. I don’t show parts my body just to show it off because it’s not perfect. Have you ever came across a blog/website that shows real results from real people showing their sensitive parts? I think that my blog is the first and I’m proud of it. I try skin lightening products and show the results to my readers so that they’d know what works and how to use it properly. I appreciate your comment but this is actually the first time… Read more »

Thank you for showing the before and after pictures. That was very brave of you. I know that may have been uncomfortable, however it really helps to understand the process as well as knowing the product really works.

Thanks Mia. My goal is to help other people like myself who has struggled with so many skin concerns for the last 25 years. I’m glad that you saw the difference as well. My anal area is actually getting lighter as the days go by.