Anal Bleaching: How To Bleach Your Anus At Home

Bleaching your anal area at home is not as hard as you think. Find out which anal bleaching cream works and how to do it by reading this article.

What is Anal Bleaching?

Anal Bleaching is the process of lightening the darker pigmentation on or around the anus leaving a more even skin tone. It is typically done by applying a cream that contains a lightening agent to the skin around the anus. The procedure which entails the application of cream to the anus should be done cautiously. Creams can be applied in the privacy of your own home. Imagine going into a store and asking, what is the best anal bleaching cream? A majority of people would never dream of asking this question. Nevertheless, data suggest that more people than ever are in looking to find information about this cosmetic procedure online. The reason is obvious – no one wants to deal with awkward stares at the checkout lane.

Why do individuals bleach their anus?

The thought of bleaching the most sensitive areas on the body including the anus has recently entered into the mainstream of media and culture. A fair look for one of your most intimate body parts is desirable for several reasons: proper self-care and beauty treatments are standard practices in daily life.  “Anal Bleaching” is becoming an increasingly popular routine for many individuals. Due to ageing and hormonal changes, men and women suffer from dark discoloration on the intimate areas. Dark pigmentation around the anus can be also a result of pregnancy, wearing tight clothing or a melanin increase in this area of the body. Anal bleaching has become an accepted practice in the general community especially those who are embarrassed by their darker skin around the genitals. People usually look for remedies to somehow reduce the appearance of dark discoloration the reason why the demand of anal bleaching creams and products grew dramatically.

Is Anal Bleaching safe?

The first thing you need to know about anal bleaching is that it is safe and effective if you use the correct product with the right ingredients. When you aim to look your best, this includes all aspects of your physical appearance. There is some controversy regarding how safe the treatment is, however, studies show that it is safe as long as you the cream that you use does not contain hydroquinone. You may have read some conflicting information already, so it’s natural to be worried. As we age, it is natural that certain areas of our bodies gather more pigment.

Where and how can you get the treatment?

  1. By going to a salon – you can go to a salon that specializes in anal bleaching and get the treatment there. Note that you may need several sessions before you see results. However, a lot of people avoid this option as it can be very embarrassing to bend over and expose your anus to the aesthetician. Another reason is most salons that do anal bleaching use hydroquinone-based products. HQ is definitely a no-no because it’s a clinically-proven carcinogen.
  1. Use an anal bleaching cream at home – A lot of people have started to lean towards treatments that can done at home for privacy reasons. Like what’s stated above, it’s very uncomfortable to expose your intimate area to an aesthetician that you barely know. Some anal bleaching products in the market use harsh chemicals that are harmful to the skin and could cause more darkening. This is why it is very important to consider finding the right product that has no known risks or potentially damaging side effects. When buying an anal bleaching cream, keep in mind that you should look at the ingredients carefully. Look for ingredients like Alpha Arbutin and Niacinamide. It’s better if the cream contains both of these ingredients because Alpha Arbutin inhibits melanin (dark skin) formation while Niacinamide gradually lightens the skin. These two lightening actives are considered to be the most effective and safest way to bleach your anus. Never buy creams that contain Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Glycolic Acid or Vitamin C since these ingredients will darken the skin even more and might cause irritation.

Using anal bleaching products will help rejuvenate the intimate areas. The efficacy in diminishing the look of darkened anal depends on the formulation, concentration and ingredients used.

How long before you see results:

On average, it normally takes 12-16 weeks of using the bleaching cream twice a day before you seeing results. Remember that individual results vary depending on skin type and how dark the area is. Note that you have to be consistent in using the cream in order to see results.

My own experience: How I bleach my anus at home

I use a bleaching cream called Marie France Tone Perfecting Creme. I use it two to three times day after taking a shower or washing myself. I always shave the area first before I use the cream. Note that having too much hair in the area is not good because the active ingredients of the product will not be able to get in contact with the skin. Make sure that the skin gets a generous amount of the cream and no hair blocks the cream’s contact with the epidermis. I’ve been doing this for at least a few months now and so far, it has lightened three shades. I will be posting my before and after pictures in a few weeks so please check back.

Last remarks:

Intimate area bleaching will continue to evolve in both safety precautions as well as overall effectiveness.  But bear in mind that the hyper pigmentation did not appear overnight, therefore, it will take quite some time before it eventually fades away. Once the skin tone has improved after the treatments, maintenance is recommended to keep the area more even toned.

When you give a healthy amount of thought and attention to other physical areas of your body, you may not want to forget about your anal area as it is still part of your body.

UPDATE: These are my anal bleaching before and after pictures. I’m using the cream and also the mask for several months now and will continue doing so until I reach my desired results. I still see some discoloration but it should lighten up in a couple more months. By the way, I also started using the Tone Perfecting Mask (by Marie France as well) together with the cream.

I’d love to answer any questions you have! Please leave a message below.



Anal Bleaching Before and After:

anal bleaching before and after anal bleaching before and after

Where to buy:

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I’m interested in DIY anal bleaching. Since some time has passed since you initially made this blog, do you still like this product? Would you do it again? Or have you found any products you like better? Just want to check before I go ahead and purchase the Marie France products!!


Your vagina looks pretty


Its not always friction or natural skin tone sometime it comes from just years of use ass you get older your skin gets like stained back there especially if you gained alot of weight ass youve gotten older and it becomes harder to wipe resulting in stainning of inner butt cheecks
It really sucks


I’m sorry I keep my phone keeps putting the wring email!

What cream did you use?


I’ve got to be honest here… I hope this does not freek anyone out But… as a straight male of 40, I actualy find a darker ring around a lady’s booty hole a turn on ! It has to be fresh and clean every time though. So, ladies, please don’t worry about your booty holes… some men love you the way you are..


Did you bleach and have a brizillan butt lift too? Just asking because of the scar…


Thanks a lot for tip..I started using mask and cream in my inner thigh and groin area but I experience skin peeling and I can use only twice.. is this normal ?? But it’s true it lightened by one shade . I have extremely dark groin which Iam embarrassed of.


Hey, do you know if the Tone Perfecting Lotion is similar to this cream? I have the cream and have been using it with good results so far, but want to get the lotion for it’s bigger size. Would the lotion work on the bikini/vaginal/anal areas as well?


Can you use this for your vagina as well or just for the anus. And is there a faster treatment.
I also I have lost a lot of weight is there a firming cream you my know of for the vagina area. I’m Not as plump as I used to be would like the skin firmer. Thank you for your help

Yes, you can. There’s really no “faster treatment” for these areas of the body since it receives a lot of friction (main cause of darkness). The only solution is to use the product consistently everyday and be patient with it. OMG I know exactly what you’re talking about (about the vajayjay part) because I have it too! I went down from 160 to 140 lbs and my labia has a lot of excess skin. I don’t think that there’s a cream out there that can “tighten” it as it’s not really fat that’s hanging but lose skin. I think that… Read more »


Hey there, i also have an extremely dark anal area and i am extremely embarrassed by it. I’m considering buying this product but.. is it really safe? Because that area is pretty sensitive. I’m also skeptical about getting results, since my skin tone is tan and the area is really dark. I have suffered so much from this and i need a solution.

I know how you feel. I have the same skin tone. Mine was about 5x darker than my normal skin. I used it on my buttocks/vaginal area I didn’t have any problem. You should try it on other dark parts of your body to see if you’re going to have any kind of reaction or something.


would this work for black women?

Yes. I’m a quarter african american and it works for me.


Whats the product called


Do you know if the coloration eventually returns if the product is no longer being applied or if the bleaching is permanent once the desire shade is obtained? Or are follow-up applications required to maintain the desired shade?

The products that I used are called topical creams – which means that it’s a temporary solution to the dark area. You will need to use it as maintenance once you reach the desired results. Just FYI – there’s no such thing as permanent skin whitening except you’re using Monobenzone (which is a NO-NO) because it will ruin your skin.


Do these products work with Ny type of race or only white people that have darker anus area?
I’m black and under my butt where legs start is darker than the rest of my legs or butt… Will they work for me?
Thank you !!


Just wanted to point out to you that you have a mole where the sun don’t shine. Recently a friend of the family died from skin cancer in the same area. Have your dermatologist look at it and keep an eye out for any changes in the future. You may just have it removed so you can forget about it. Then again you may consider it a beauty mark.

What?????!!! Are you serious? I didn’t know that! My uncle told me once before the “live moles” can cause cancer but my mole in the anal area isn’t like. It looks more like a beauty mark. But thank you so much for letting me know. It made me scared thinking about it because I know that Farrah Faucet died because of anal cancer (which I didn’t know was possible.)


OMG i have a mole in exactly the same place! wierd haha

Lol Katie. We better get our thangs checked! lol


I came across your article. I wanted to say im vein as well with eveeything and an accountant. I wanted to just say if you go to entertainment/toy stores they sell this as well. NOT in this brand however it’s mostly a gel. You apply it at night before you go to bed. It works effectively. And you will see instant results.

I know what you’re saying and I tried it before. It actually didn’t work for me. Also, I think those products have hydroquinone in it (not sure though).

Sex shop stores???


Hi Taylor, how long does one pack last for you? And how many did you finish until you get the desired result?

One tube lasted for about a month. It took around 3-4 months before I started seeing results.


Nice pussy and ass!
I have a very bug butt & ever since I had my little one it grew a bit more and I have a little dark area around my anus and I would want to find the perfect product

Thanks for the compliment.

You’re very welcome ;)
Email me some products name for me yeah ?

This seems more for superficial women with more beauty than brains

I think that there are women out there (like myself) that are extremely vain. However, not because they’re more vain compared to others doesn’t mean that they’re less intelligent. By the way, thanks for checking out my blog!

I left a reply, dont know if you got it

Yup. I just responded.

Hi! I really want to buy the anal bleaching and the 7 days inner thigh whitening kit.. But I do not want to order it online as I don’t want people I live with to know my business. Is there an outlet or store where I can get it from? I live in New York. I’d appreciate this if I can get a response ASAP! Thank you!

I bought mine online so I don’t know if there’s a physical store where you can buy the product. I’d strongly suggest contacting the online store directly to see if they have outlets in NY.


Nice looking ass and pussy I would leave it be!

Lol thanks.


michael jackson used it all over….it works well.

Hahahahaha I love your comment!


Okay that’s cool but I also have a little dark butt. Is the creme still okay for me?

Of course.


So this creme that you use can be applied on your anal and vagina areas as well?

Yes. That’s correct. I use it at least once a day. you’ve got to be consistent to see results.


Where can I get this in Phoenix or have to order it?

I don’t know if they have a store in Phoenix but I got mine here:


I suffer from this problem too and I also have dark inner thighs becoz i have fat thighs and they rub against each other if i wear skirts and the friction often causes chaves and resulted in dark skin with also pimple like rash. It’s like a pimple but its not and it aggrivates alot. And I use a rasor as my skin is a bit sensitive to wax but sadly the razor did no good and my butt and thighs have what looks like a rash but its actually my pores that have raised up but just stay like… Read more »

Sounds like ingrown hair to me… Have you tried the marie france peeling oil and the soap?


I know it might sound strange but you have jock itch. It’s just like your chafing but the symptoms are a little more severe.


At least your keeping it real!
Not all cases are the same, some asses are actually stained from just all the years of use and if your like me the older I get the heavier I get the harder it gets to do a good job wiping back there thus causing ass staining

jay mary

Ok, I have been following and doing a lot of research. I came across this, I have dark inner thighs and my butt is DARK!! What would work best for me??

Are you butt cheeks dark or is it your anal area?



Thank you so much for posting this, it is so helpful. One question though, I’ve looked on the Marie France website to check prices etc. and I noticed Marie France Butt, Inner Thighs and Bikini Kit for Extremely Dark Areas, have you tried this kit??

Thanks again


Yes, I have have. Please note that the kit that you’re referring to CANNOT be use on your anal/vaginal areas. It’s strictly to be applied on areas that are not super sensitive like your inner thighs, underarms, legs, etc.


Hello what is the name of the product to buy. Is it the Marie France you mentioned

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