Butt Whitening Kit – Lightens Dark Butt, Inner Thighs and Bikini Area

Dark butt, inner thighs and bikini area: 3 steps on how you can whiten these areas in 1 week. See my before and after pictures below.

Inner Thighs Whitening KitStep 1: Apply the Marie France Macroexfoliator three times a day for three consecutive days. This chemical peel will remove one to two layers of the skin, removing most of the dark skin. You will more than likely see visible results after 3 days by using the Macroexfoliator alone. However, for those individuals who have severely dark inner thighs or buttocks, then you will need to either redo the peeling application or continuously use the soap and the creme that comes with the inner thigh whitening kit before you see results.

IMPORTANT: You should not engage in any activity that requires a lot of walking or running because these activities will cause friction. Too much friction while on the treatment will cause post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. In addition, do not wear tight clothing nor stay under the sun.

Step 2: Wait for the skin to heal. It normally takes at least a few days or so before the skin finally heals.

Step 3: Use the kojic soap and the whitening cream that comes with kit. Use it morning and night to see visible results.

You should see visible results and most of the dark skin gone after following these directions thoroughly.


It's now peeling!!!!how to whiten bikini areabikini area whitening before and afterbefore and after - bikini area whitening kitIMG_0543_1How to whiten dark inner thighs or bikini area

Bikini Whitening

how to whiten inner thighs

Product used: Marie France Butt, Bikini and Inner Thighs Whitening Kit 

Butt, Bikini and Inner Thighs Whitening Kit

$45.99 bought from Marie France Skin and Body Care website.


Note: I bought an extra marie france kojic soap and tone perfecting creme for maintenance.

Please email me if you have other questions!

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Hi! Don’t know if this thread is still active, but my wedding is in February, and I really wanted to try this out, now if I start it at the start of January, will I be able to see & reap the same benefits as you did? For how many days/weeks does the peeling continue?


Hi! Am completely struggling in my everyday life on how to whiten my thighs and butt. I want to wear a bikini but am embarrassed to flaunt them cause I have dark thighs and butt. I have a question. Is this marie france appropriate for 15 YEARS OLD?

anna Z

Hello. Id like to know, during the 3day period, arent you allowed to wash the area AT ALL? Even with water only?


Does it work on underarms?


Hi im getting married in 3 wks time & i need to whiten my bikini line fast. Isit possible to see the results in only a week? And does it work if i only use the scrub?



I have been applying the product for 2 days now, i don’t feel anything, as in some of the comments that were left said they felt like its burning. When i apply it, it feels like im putting moisturizer in it.


Hi, I have just purchased the product, I want to know if it works on indian skin ??

hiba yousif

Im living in UAE so how I can get it if it’s available here Thank

Hi. Was this a successful treatment you had? How does your bikini lines look like now? Don’t you think that the one that is peeling is the oil that had dried? Or is it really the skin?

It’s the skin. I’m not sure how the oil would peel itself. Sorry but I just can’t imagine it.


I applie the oil on my knees and around my ankle whether skin had become discoloured form wearing tight boots. It has been 3 weeks now and nothing has peeled and I have seen no lightening. Does this new peel in the white bottle actually work anymore because I haven’t seen any shedding? What should I do

Have you tried other peeling products in the same area before? If you have, then that might be the reason why your skin didn’t peel at all.


Hi, my skin on the middle of my chest in between my breast is a darker shade then the rest can I use the peel there or on the back of my neck?

Nope. I wouldn’t suggest to use the Macro in that area since it’s very delicate. Just use the soap and creme or maybe the scrub.


I’m very much willing to buy and give it a try but I’m also worried because most of the comments here are it just made their skin darker.

I understand. One thing I can tell you is it worked for me because I followed the directions carefully. Regardless of the product that you use, make sure that you follow the directions. I did have a few followers who sent me an email about how they used the product and it’s totally incorrect. I followed up with these readers and it turns out that the hyper pigmentation has lightened or totally cleared up after several weeks. Most of them said that after it turned darker, it lightened about two shades. Again, the instructions have to be followed and the… Read more »

I want to be caramel skin tone and right now im Oprah Winfrey complexion. I take 6000mg of Glutathione pills and 10000mg of vitamin C a day.how many months until i see my results?


Hey I have used the macroexfoliater and it had peeled my skin but instead my skin has gotten darker. I looked on the website and it said that too much friction may cause hyperpigmrntation and unfortunately last week u had to move around a lot. What do I do now- do I try and skin peel again in a couple of weeks and will that remove the now darker patch.

Yeah too much friction will cause darkness since the skin just peeled and it’s “fresh.” No, DO NOT reapply the peeling oil. What you need to do is let the skin rest for now and do not use any kind of alcohol-base products on your skin. Just use very mild soap and let it rest. The “dark patch” will go away on its own. It’s temporary as the skin needs to rest. Is the skin completely healed?


Hi! It says “do not force the skin to peel” how come you used the tweezers to peel the skin off? What’s gonna happen if you peel it off? And also it’s very itchy and it burns whenever I put the hydrocortisone cream so I don’t and it’s really itchy, is it ok to scratch it? Will doing that make my skin even darker?

I used tweezers on it because it’s obvious that the skin is peeling. It’s kinds hard to explain but you’ll see what I’m talking about if you use the oil. I’ve had readers who complain to me of skin darkness because the forced the skin to peel by pricking the skin. You should never do that as it may cause skin darkness. I wouldn’t suggest t o scratch it because it might irritate the skin and it might make it darker.


Hi how can I get this deliverd to uk

You have to go to this website: store.mariefranceinternational.com and place the order. That’s where I got mine from.


Hi my problem is that I have many dark spots from ingrown hairs around the bikini line, so the large amount of dark spots makes the skin look dark. Will this system work for me?

It should work out for you. Do you wax, shave or laser?


i wax, will it irritate since i wax?

Hi I have been using the perfecting cream around my vagina lips for 2 days and I’m so worried that the area has become very dark..darker than before..kindly advise, it is because that I wash my vagina with hot water..??

I would not suggest to use hot water but lukewarm. I’ve been using the Creme on my inner thighs and anal area and I’ve got nothing but great results. Are you using the Creme with another brand/product?

Judith Alfaro

hi, I am extremely interested. I’m not too dark but definitely untoned if i do this i read i cannot wear tight clothes.

That’s correct. If you cannot refrain from wearing tight clothing while doing the treatment, then I would suggest to use the scrub instead that the peeling oil. My friend did that and she got great results.


Hi can i only use the kojic soap and perfecting cream only for whitening? ( without the peeling oil?) Does it delivers similar whitening results?

It does whiten the skin but the peeling oil sheds the skin and gives faster results.


Hi, i jus bought this exfoliatior. I live in a hot country and sweat easily. They say no washing (with soap?) during the three days. Can I still wash up with water? Just want to clarify. I feel dirty not cleaning myself haha.


i accidentally washed off my treated area on 2.5 day. What would happen? The area is not peeling yet, but it is red. Any suggestions on what I should do?

You’re fine. The skin will still peel. You just said that the area is red, this means that your skin is reacting to the peeling oil. Did you wash it with water and soap or just water?


hi i just bought it via the web site hopefully it will work as i have dark area on my bikini line and its very annoying do you have more pictures of the results ?

Everything is here.


Are these products safe to use on the vaginal/anal areal?? What products would you recommend for those areas?

Not for the vaginal/anal area since the peeling oil is very harsh on those parts. Use the MF Creme on the areas that you mentioned.


Redness is gone but it is still dark. It kinda lessen though. I have fair skin. So it is really like 3 to 4 times darker than my skintone. Been dreaming about the day i could wear swimsuit but heck i have this dark patch between my leg and but cheeks. :( I will try and wait again after 3 to 4 months and redo the process. Hopefully its gonna match my skin tone buy its gonna take a while… I will try to use the soap and cream today and ill see if i will feel any irritation or… Read more »

I understand what you’re saying. Unfortunately, the peel will not instantly remove the dark area. You may need to redo it after 3 months but with the help of the kojic soap and creme, you should be able to see the difference within a month or so. Just be consistent.


Hi my skin had peeled already and i was wondering when should i used the marie france soap and cream? Should i used it right away? Or do i have to wait until the akin s healed. And how long is it? Thanks!

I would normally suggest to use the soap and creme right away. However, some of my readers reported that they have experienced irritation by using the creme and soap right away. I would wait until maybe after a week before you use the rest of the products. How does the skin look right now?


Can I use any where on my body? Such as underarm……

You can but please be aware that in order for the skin to peel, you cannot use any kind of deodorant while you’re in the 3-day treatment and while the skin is peeling.


Can I use any where on my body? Such as underarm……


maria othman

Hie I live in Sabah if East Malaysia. I am desperate and I would like to purchase this product ASAP. However when I tried to order online, your form has pre stated US as the country. How can I order. Please advice. Looking forward to your earliest response. Thanks.


I want to buy! Can I pay western union!

Please contact the company. I don;t know if they accept western.

cecelia mejai

Pleas email me your exact steps in desperate I have this exact problem and I want to peel away… How long did it take to peel.

Hi, It started peeling a day after the last application. I just followed the steps in the instructions page of the website: http://store.mariefranceinternational.com/Marie-France-Butt-Whitening-Kit-p/mfbk.htm DIRECTIONS: ******* Apply the Macro exfoliator using a fan brush or any thin makeup brush using one stroke on the same direction. ********* DAY #1 Wash the area first with soap and water prior to applying the Macroexfoliator. Wait until the skin is completely dry prior to applying the exfoliator. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME that you will wash the area that’s being treated within the 3-day application. The next time that you can wash the area… Read more »


Can I send my payment through western union?

Please contact the company. Here’s their website: http://store.mariefranceinternational.com/