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Ask questions about how to lighten your dark areas.

What Is The Best Skin Whitening Cream? Here’s The Top 5

Skin whitening creams can be your solution if you are interested in whitening your skin tone, fade skin blemishes and remove dark patches in your face and/or body. It can be used to whiten dark butt, inner thighs, bikini area, underarms, dark spots, acne scars and other skin blemishes. There are a lot of skin whitening creams in the market… Read more →

How To Whiten Your Dark Butt Using A Peeling Oil

Using a strong peeling oil will definitely help remove unwanted dark areas in your body. A friend of mine tried the Marie France Macroexfoliator (peeling oil) on her dark butt and she said that it worked like a magic! Note: She tried the Macroexfoliator after she saw the results on my inner thighs. To see my before and after pic, click… Read more →

Why Is My Bikini Line And Inner Thighs So Dark And How Can I Lighten It?

Friction is the main cause of dark inner thighs or bikini line. This is very common to individuals with alittle bigger thighs. When you walk or run, you’re rubbing your thighs that causes friction, which leads to darker inner thighs. It can be very embarrassing especially when it’s like 2-3 shades darker that your natural skin tone. In additions, this prevents… Read more →