How to Whiten Dark Underarms with Before and After Pictures

Dark underarms or armpits is a very common problem for everyone, mostly for women. I remember not being able to wear sleeveless clothing when I was young when I had this problem before. I know how embarrassing it will be if my friends or other people see it. I grew up in the Philippines and Filipinos are obsessed with fair skin from head to toe. This was why I’ve dreamed of fair underarms all my life. I’ve tried numerous  underarm whitening products before but they either made my underarms darker or they simply did not work. A friend told me before that the best way to lighten dark underarms is to peel the dark area first before using any whitening deodorant or creams. Another option to remove dark underarms is by going to a dermatologist,  however, this is going to be extremely costly. We’re talking about between $500-$1500. Keep in mind that you’ll have to go back to the derma for several sessions in order for you to achieve your desired results. So for those budget-conscious girls like me, I would suggest for you guys to try to use an underarm whitening products first before spending a lot of money going to the dermatologist.  I am about to try the Diana Stalder Underarm Whitening Kit ($47.99) and I’ll update you guys with the results!

Anyway, let’s find out what causes dark underarms:

  1. Shaving – Some people say that when you shave, it will make your underarms darker. Well, this is true in a way but not really and here’s why: you should never use the same razor over and over again because this can cause infection that can lead to the darkening of your underarms. The problem with razors is the fact that they do catch rust. When you use a rusty razor on sensitive areas like your underarms, there’s a possibility that it will catch infection. This infection can lead to getting some razor bumps-looking thing. At first, it will look reddish/pinkish but eventually, it will turn darker. You’re now going to have dark underarms just like in the picture. So please do yourselves a favor – only use your razor once or you can find alternatives like waxing.

  2. Friction – just like your inner thighs, you underarms get a lot of friction too from day to day activities like exercising or simply moving from one place to another. There’s really nothing that you can do about this part because you need to use your arms to be efficient. However, using a whitening deodorant (day) and a whitening cream (night) will definitely help a lot. Also, remember to wash your underarms at night before putting the cream.

  3. Wearing dark  or super tight clothing – yes, this contributes to dark underarms as well.

  4. Genes – if mom and dad have dark underarms, you’ll get it too! Unfortunately, part of your genes is to have dark underarms and there’s nothing that you can do to change the genetic build up of your body. However, you can still use products that will lighten it up so don’t worry to much.

  5. Not exfoliating – having too much old and dead skin cells in your underarms can make it look dark. Everyone should at least exfoliate using a strong whitening scrub for at least 3-5 times a week. Regular exfoliation will definitely speed up the process of whitening your dark underarms especially when you use a strong whitening soap after scrubbing.

What underarm whitening products you should use and how long before you see results:

TRY Diana Stalder Underarm Whitening Kit – BUY NOW – $47.99

  • Be realistic – if you have a severe dark underarms (just like in the picture ), please don’t expect to see results in days. There’s a solution to dark underarms but you have to be patient and consistent when using the products. A lot of people will stop using skin whitening products just because they don’t see any improvements  – please don’t be like this. If you cannot be patient waiting for the results, then you’ll never be able to whiten your dark underarms at all.
  • Consistency – use the deodorant in the morning and apply a whitening cream on your underarms at night, religiously. Consistency is the key.
  • Use a peeling solution – use a peeling solution that’s made for dark underarms. There are a lot of peeling solutions out there that are made for the face only and should not be use on intimate areas, so make sure that a) it’s strong and b) it can be used on your body as well.

****************************************************************************UPDATE: June 14, 2013*************************************************************************************************

Just want to post my aunt’s before and after pictures….. The picture on the left was taken two months before she started using the underarm whitening kit. She used it sometime in April 2013 and here’s how her underarms look like right now:


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I don’t. See the pictures


In one of your article you recommended site. Is their skin whitening serum really works well?

I tried it before and it works just fine.


Can the Marie France exfoliator work on underarms as well?

Yes, I just tried it recently.


Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

Genesis Morilla

Were i can buy the products