Natural Remedies That Whiten Dark Inner Thighs, Butt And Bikini Area

Dark inner thighs, butt and bikini area: Find ways on how to naturally whiten these dark spots using remedies that can be found from home.

There are actually a few natural skin whitening ingredients that you can try:

  1. Lemon or Orange

Lemon and orange have skin whitening properties that can can remove dark spots. It can be used in two ways: either take it’s juice out and use it as a serum or use its skin and rub it in the dark spots on your butt or inner thighs area. When buying lemon or orange, make sure that you get a “fresh” ones so that you can take advantage of its high acidic properties that contributes to skin whitening. Keep it on your skin for 20 minutes or longer.

  1. Calamansi

For those of you who live in the Philippines, this is something that you can use if you do not have lemon available. What is calamansi? Calamansi is a small fruit that’s high in acidic properties that’s also known to whiten the skin effectively. It’s a green-colored fruit that’s in the lemon family but it’s much smaller. Let is sit for 20 minutes.

  1. Papaya

Another fruit that’s very effectively in whitening the skin and removing dark areas. Papaya has been around for as far as I can remember. It’s been used extensively on skincare products like soaps, toner, lotions, creams, masks, etc. I’ve been using a whitening soap with papaya on my dark inner thighs and I can for sure tell you that it’s really effective. You can take advantage of the papaya’s skin whitening properties by taking out the inside of the fruit and rubbing it in your dark butt or inner thighs. Leave on for 20 minutes.

  1. Tomatoes

Yup, you heard it right! When I was doing research about home remedies that can whiten dark butt and bikini area, I found an article about how tomatoes can actually whiten dark areas. It turns out that tomatoes have skin whitening properties just like lemons! You can use it the same way like how you’re going to use lemons on your skin. You can rub it on the dark spots in your buttocks and bikini line and you’re all set. You should leave it on for 20 minutes.

But your main question is…. how long before I start seeing my butt or bikini area whiten after using these home remedies? That’s a great question!

Here’s an honest answer: it will take a quite sometime. I’m talking about maybe 6 months or more before you start seeing your butt and inner thighs whiten if you use these products everyday. Unfortunately, home remedies like what I mentioned above will not whiten your dark areas fast. Therefore, if you’re planning to go to the beach and wear a bikini in a week, then I would suggest to try other methods like using a butt whitening kit (see my before and after pictures) to whiten your dark butt and bikini area in 7 days. There are no other options out there to whiten your dark areas aside from using a specialized peeling oil that’s formulated to peel the dark skin away on your intimate areas. However, for those who have the time to wait several months before they can wear a bikini or short shorts, then please try the home remedies that I mentioned and let us know how it turned out for you! We’re waiting!


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My buttock area wasn’t so dark but I actually burned myself with nair trying to get my butt hairs off. Now it looks real dark ! It’s not the anal just the outer part. What can I use && will it be effective since i burned that area.


Would it be okay to use lemon juice I stead of an actual lemon


Hi. Were can i buy that butt whitening kit??


Hi I’m 14 and I’m really worried about my dark butt and inner thighs what effective product you recommend to me? Or is it necessary for me to use products coz I’m young?

Ayesha Gaikwad

Hi. I am an Indian and have a fair complexion. But my private areas like the vaginal area, buttocks region, underarms are 10X darker than my skin tone. This haunts me. I’m totally screwed up. Can you suggest some creams or maybe lightening kits for speedy results? Thank you!


Hi, I am Indian I have dark thighs and viginal areas .I am really worried about it.After reading ur post I finally gain some hope.Can you tell me where can I buy this products.And if i use does it really give a result i don’t care if it takes some months to cure.I just want to know Does it really works? Or not.

Which product are you referring to? One thing is, it’s probably going to take longer than a month to see results especially if the area is really dark.

i am indian and have wheatish skin tone. my problem is there are dark patches and acne on my butt and inner butt area and legs are also dark comparatively. i also have over sensitive skin. i have tried so many home remedies but no difference. can i find this product in india? will it help on my sensitive skin?

It depends on how deep or dark the patches are. It would probably lighten it a bit but you may need to use other topical whitening products like kojic soap, lotion and scrub.


Do you have pictures of how much the soap alone has lightened your skin? Or a description ? Also how what are some products I can buy to help speed up the process… I want to have even skin tone by September, it’s February now… I’m Beyoncé’s skin tone and my back,butt,knees and back of thighs are literally idris Elba color ( the tone your inner thighs where before the peel). PLEASE HELP ! ! !

I changed phones so I lost my pictures but I would be retaking and posting more pictures within the next few weeks or so. Also, skin whitening is a gradual process; it might take quite sometime before you see your skin evening out especially with the skin tone that you just described. It sounds like your skin tone is severely discolored and I don’t think that it will be even within 7 months. However, you may want to try to use a whitening scrub, cream and the soap together to see if it’s going to work out faster. Keep me… Read more »


Do you think it would be at least lighter than it is now ? And how long do you think it will take ?

I can’t tell you how long it would take. It really depends on your skin on how long it would take to adapt with the whitening actives of the product. One thing that I would recommend is to use the scrub at least everyday to remove the dead skin cells. If you don’t have dead skin cells on top of your skin, the actives will be able to penetrate the skin faster.

Shiela Bermudo

Where to buy this product here in the philippines

I got mine from the website