How come my kojic soap doesn’t work?

There are number of reasons why your kojic soap doesn’t work. Read below.

First, the concentration of kojic acid in the soap matters a lot. If the kojic acid is less than 1%, then of course, it will not work to lighten your skin. I’ve tried a lot of kojic soaps and there are very few in the market that truly works. Please do not be fooled by buying unbranded or unlabeled kojic soaps. Those are more than likely made in someone’s backyard and not by a registered chemist or a manufacturer. They also more than likely use a very little amount of kojic acid and this is why it’s not working at all. Kojic can be a little expensive especially if it was imported from Europe. I know that China also sells kojic acid as a raw material but trust me, the quality and effectiveness are totally different! The European kojic acid is much more effective than the Chinese version. Why? Because the ones from Europe is pure kojic and not mixed with something else like China’s. I would rather spend money on a kojic soap that works rather than buy something cheap and just waste my time and money with something that doesn’t do anything for my skin. Don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars on a more expensive version because you’ll more than likely end up seeing results with this one than the cheap $7 soap that you see in eBay.

Next, you probably do not exfoliate your skin regularly. Exfoliating or using scrub in your face or body is very important. Why? because it helps skincare products like kojic soap to penetrate deep in your skin and allows the kojic acid to do its work – lighten your skin tone and giving you that flawless-looking skin. Make sure that you use a body scrub twice or three times a week to get a good exfoliation.

Last, you’re more than likely not using your kojic soap daily. Here’s the thing: if you really want to lighten your skin or remove your blemishes, you’re going to need to use your kojic soap at least twice a day. I mean every day. It takes approximately 6-8 weeks before you see results and this if you use your kojic soap religiously. Kojic soap works but you have to be diligent. It’s not magic! Be patient and give it some time before you quit. I know some people who only uses a skincare product for days, if not a week or two and if they don’t see any results, then they just quit using it. This is wrong. I hope you’re not one of them because you will never see any results with any skincare products that you use if you do not give it enough time to adjust with your skin. Your skin has to adjust and you have to be patient.

Notes: Kojic soap has the tendency to dry out your skin, therefore, you will need a good moisturizer to relieve the dryness and itchiness.

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