How Long Before Kojic Soap Lightens Your Skin

Kojic SoapKojic soap is a proven effective skin lightening soap. However, the main question is: how long do you need to use it before you see skin lightening results?

The question is very tricky. The reason being is because we all have different skin types and it’s very hard to pinpoint an exact time frame on when you’ll see your skin lighten. In every skincare product, you have to give it at least eight to twelve weeks before you give up. Always remember that your skin has to adjust to the skin lightening active (kojic acid) that’s on the soap. Even though kojic soap is a very effective and proven potent skin lightening soap, always remember that it will not instantly lighten your skin tone. No, you’re not going to see your skin lighten or looking blemish-free in three days or three weeks. It will take quite some time, so be patient. I have received numerous emails from my blog readers informing me that they have used kojic soap for weeks but they’re not seeing any results. I always reply by asking: how long have you used it? I get replies stating, “I’ve been using it for three weeks” or “like around 4 weeks.” Again, patience and consistency is the key to achieving skin lightening results when using kojic soap.

On the other hand, there are a few ways to speed up the skin lightening process of the kojic soap.

  1. Use a facial lightening cream – if you’re using kojic soap to lighten or permanently remove skin blemishes like acne scars, melasma, dark spots or hyper pigmentation, using a skin lightening cream can help achieve this goal faster than using kojic soap alone. However, be careful when selecting a facial lightening cream. If you’re already using kojic soap, you do not want to use a kojic acid facial cream. Why? Because it might over peel it your facial skin, which can cause skin darkness and irritation. Keep in mind that kojic soap has a micro peeling effect, therefore, there’s no need to use another product on your face that has the same effect. Try using a facial lightening cream that’s gentle but has a strong lightening effect like alpha arbutin. It doesn’t irritate the skin like kojic acid cream but works even better and gives you natural-looking result.
  2. Apply a body lightening lotion after using kojic soap – aside from the fact that you have to moisturize your skin after using kojic soap, using a skin lightening lotion is also one of the things you can do to speed up the lightening process. Unlike your facial skin, the skin in your body is a little harder to lighten. I would suggest using a skin lightening lotion that’s packed with actives like retinoic acid, vitamin c and alpha arbutin. These three skin lightening actives work synergistically to achieve a lighter skin tone in a few weeks.
  3. Try a skin peeling oil – use this to remove the top layer of your skin so that the kojic acid can penetrate your skin faster. However, skin peeling is the very first thing that you should do prior to using kojic soap. It will be a little uncomfortable due to the itchiness and possibly redness but once all of your skin has peeled, it all worth it. Using a skin peeling oil will reveal a much smoother skin and it helps removes old skin blemishes.

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bea smith

I am really getting used to using the Kojic Acid Soap. It is no longer making me peel or feel uncomfortable. Can I possibly use the soap with treitnoin at night? Or is it better not to do this?


Hello. My inner thighs and butt became dark due to scratching. Now the scratching is completely gone. Can kojic acid soap bring back the original skin tone?

jacqueline chapelle

I have brown skin with hyperpigmentation,and acne spots.Just started L Glutathione. and and Vit C. The dose1000mg. each. I have noticed a shade difference with kojic acid soap and a skin lightening cream. In just 3 weeks. I have a glow ,little rednss and I did exfoliate first with A Buff puff. A little discouraged withthe reviews. I intend to incread my Vit C and pray.


I’ve been using JUST the Marie France soap for a week. How do I know if it is peeling.


On MF’s site it says the kojic soap can be used after the skin has completely peeled. My skin completely peeled off yesterday, it’s still feeling a little bit raw. Can I just start using the soap now or wait another day or two?


Update: Yeah.. my skin is STILL peeling..

Wait until the skin is completely healed.

I’ve learned that kojic soap can also remove warts.

It’s true.

I want to buy I don’t have a Visa card.can I pay western union?

You should contact the company and ask them. See this link: