How To Whiten Your Dark Butt Using A Peeling Oil

Marie France MacroexfoliatorUsing a strong peeling oil will definitely help remove unwanted dark areas in your body. A friend of mine tried the Marie France Macroexfoliator (peeling oil) on her dark butt and she said that it worked like a magic! Note: She tried the Macroexfoliator after she saw the results on my inner thighs. To see my before and after pic, click hereShe told me once that she didn’t want to go to the beach until the dark area is gone. I guess alot of people (especially women) care so much about how their skin looks especially when they’re in front of other people. Summer season is almost here, so who doesn’t want to look flawless in a bikini? Going back to my friend’s experience, she was very happy that her dark butt is finally gone but she told me that it takes a lot of sacrifice to really get the results that you want with this peeling oil. The thing is, you cannot take a bath for 3 days while using this peeling oil. The instructions in the back of the label states that you cannot wet the area that you’re peeling for 3 consecutive days, otherwise, it will not peel. Aside from that, she was happy with the overall results. I remember my cousin who had the same issue once before and she went to a dermatologist to get her buttocks lightened. If I remember correctly, it costs like around $550 to get it done including the consultation fee and you still have to purchase the derma products, which was an additional $395. Also, it wasn’t a speedy process. I don’t know exactly how long it took to completely remove the dark area and for me, it wasn’t worth the price. This peeling oil from Marie France sells for $15.99 for a 15ml bottle. It’s sufficient to cover just one part of her body and it’s good for the 3-day application. When purchasing skin whitening products, please make sure that you purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website as there are many fake products out there. Before I forget, here’s where we purchased our peeling oil:

I hope this helps.

-Taylor Marie


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Hi, I hope you can still reply even though it’s 3 years later ???????? I used a peeling oil which i believe is really effective although it was my fault why it didn’t. I applied it on some dark spots on my legs caused by inevitable scratching. I only got worse, it darkened even more. Can you please help me on what i should do about this? :(


Hi. I have a question. I tried it and after peeling, my skin got red patches. Is it normal? Thanks.


Hi. I’m a Filipino. My skin in inguinal areas were burnt from an exfoliant solution a month ago and it turned dark brown, almost 5x darker than my shades. I’m currently having a diamond peel and glycolic peel which is done every once a month to reduce the scars or hyperpigmentation. Can I use the MF Whitening Kit? When could I start using it instead? Can I also use it in my labio majora (or the skin around that line) thanks!

Tiki Too

Thank you for helping everyone with your knowledge and experience! I hope you can help answer mine too. Can you still do bowel movements in the initial three days of acid application on the butt cheeks? I was wondering if wiping will cause irritation on the rims of the ass or might wipe the acid off.

Lol, of course you can. That’s something that you cannot prevent. However, you just need to be very careful when you use the product in that area.

Shelsea Silien

since im AA i should apply the oil only once a day? i have a really dark butt

Yes. See my previous reply.

Shelsea Silien

when do you use the soap and cream?


How did you apply the oil ? Did you just pour it on our skin or did you use a utensil of some sort ?

Nope, I used a fan brush. It would be easier to use this kind of brush when applying the peeling oil on your skin.


Can I use the product on dark elbows?

You can but only use it once a day for three days since the skin in the elbows is very thin.


Hi so I done this treatment and I have left over dead skin I guess you can say, and it’s really hard to peel the rest off. How do I get it to come off?? Please help

Just let it peel by itself. How long has it been since the rest of the skin peeled?


Well it all peeled off good, I done it on my inner thighs. But now I did it on my knees which was probably a bad idea because it’s hard to peel off..

Yeah I’ve done it on my feet one time and it took foreverrrrr to peel off. How was the results in your inner thighs?


your blog has been so helpful! i ordered the kojic soap and the skin peeling oil after reading it on here. i’ve used the peeling oil on my feet too (on my toes) and it’s been 4 days since i last used the oil but no peeling yet. how long did your feet take to peel? cuz i’m worried the skin on my toes won’t peel and that i wasted this oil for nothing!


Hi there, I live in the UK and I would like to know where did you buy the peel, I don’t know the site to get it and I can’t seem to find it anywhere:( can you please let me know where you bought it.

How does the skin look right now?

what if you scratched the treated part? will the whole process stop working?

Probably not but it might irritate the skin. How does it look right now?


what if you scratched the itchy part where you apply the microexfoliator on? will the whole process stop working?

It should be ok peeling but the scratches might irritate the skin.


I would like to no if using the peeling oil in the bikini,I can wash ofter toilet?????only using water.

Of course you can.


Is this product available in the Philippines? Where store could I buy this oil?


Can I use it on underarm and Bikini area?

Yes, you can.


My last application was on Friday and it’s Tuesday and nothing has happened even tho I did everything right! I used a lightening cream before on those areas tho! (A couple days before) it’s part of my skin care routine…will it take longer to peel because I use a lightening cream on a normal basis? Cause I’m not seeing any signs of my skin peeling!

How many times a day did you use the oil? Also, does this skin lightening cream that you use contains any kind of AHAs or any peeling ingredient?


I applied it 6 times and I think so because my skin did peel in the past with the lightening cream but mild peeling!

I see. It’s either your skin will take quite sometime to peel or it will not peel as much. The reason why is the cream that you’ve been using has been peeling the top layer of your skin already and there may not be much skin to peel by the peeling oil. Honestly, I wouldn’t suggest to use any kind of skin lightening cream that has peeling ingredients in it because this will cause your skin to get darker. These creams that contain acids should never be used in areas that rub together like inner thighs and buttocks. The acids… Read more »


I used them on my knees tho lol so there’s nothing rubbing together! And thank you! I guess I’ll just wait a couple more days and see what happens!


Wait when it says whiten butt where exactly do you apply it I read a comment saying that your not suppose to apply it in you butt cheeks isn’t that the point? Can I apply it on the left and right side of inner cheeks just not all the way in towards the inner hole?

The peeling oil can only be applied on the butt cheeks and NOT in the inner cheeks.


Are results permanent?

It can be if you use the whitening products everyday. Once the skin has peeled, you still need to use the cream and soap everyday.


Hey i want to know.. That my inner thighs are really dark.. So can i use this for lighting it?? And also my underarms are the same dark colour… I am going to purchase this peeling oil for lighting that both areas… And i am from sri lanka.. So it will make my skin more darker?