Vitamin C For Skin Whitening – Better Than Glutathione?

******Updated: I just bought Vitamin C supplement. I will try it for a few months and will post a new review*****

Vitamic C Skin Whitening Supplement
Vitamic C Skin Whitening Supplement
Marie France Skin Brightness Formula for Skin Whitening
Marie France Skin Brightness Formula for Skin Whitening


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Recently, I wrote an article about glutathione pills and how it can help in skin whitening process. While searching for more information about glutathione supplements, I came across an article that talks about how taking Vitamin C supplement is more effective in skin whitening than glutathione. The whole article was centered towards the question why you should take Vitamin C rather than glutathione as a skin whitening supplement. I read the article and I was intrigued, so I did my own research.

Why do retailers tell you that you need to take Vitamin C with your glutathione pills?

Whenever I see glutathione pills being marketed as a skin whitening supplement, there’s always a note in the description that states: “you must take twice the amount of Vitamin C for effective skin whitening.” This right here tells you something – if glutathione pills are indeed effective in skin whitening, then why do you have to take Vitamin C? The answer is simple: because glutathione taken by itself cannot whiten your skin. Glutathione oxidizes or loses it effectiveness the moment that you take it orally and this is why glutathione sellers ask you to take Vitamin C with it so that you have a “back up” and you’ll see at least some skin whitening results. But honestly, your skin lightened up because of the Vitamin C supplement that you were taking with it.

What experts say:

I called one of my friends who’s a dermatologist working for a well-known skincare clinic for Filipino celebrities and she did confirm that Vitamin C is much more effective in skin whitening than glutathione. She mentioned that with Vitamin C alone, it’s about 3-6 months or less to see your skin lighten and this is in addition to its skin glowing effect you get from it. Vitamin C supplement is a good antioxidant in addition to its many health benefits.

So why do people buy glutathione supplements rather than Vitamin C?

Because of the manufacturer’s marketing. I see glutathione supplements being marketed everywhere – TV, radio, print ads, commercials, etc. This is why most people think of glutathione as the only skin whitening supplement out there. I know that the price range is actually between $40-$60 per bottle and I call this a RIP OFF! A bottle of Vitamin C is around $30/bottle. Why pay $60 for something that doesn’t work? Why not just buy Vitamin C for $30 and see your skin glow and lighten at the same time? If you still want to buy glutathione supplements, remember this: you’re wasting your money on a supplement that doesn’t work and you’re not going to see any skin whitening results. This is the reality.

So now after reading this article, the question you probably now have is this: which Vitamin C brand should I buy and how much should I take?

The dosage that you should take for skin whitening is 20-40 mg per kg.

For example: for someone who’s 120 lbs: 55kg (120 lbs) x 40mg = 2200mg per day

Your weight in kilograms x 40mg = amount that you should take per day

Conclusion: Vitamin C supplement is more effective in skin whitening than glutathione and I would strongly suggest for you guys to spend your money on something that works rather than getting fooled by taking glutathione. For any questions or concerns, please email me at

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Lady Q

I (like many) have used Vitamin C like… forever. Who hasn’t? However, since taking glutathione my energy and overall health has improved AND melasma has vanished. This did not happen with oral or topical vitamin C.

Think about it, as affordable (cheap) as Vitamin C is, if these claims were true, many people would have less hyperpigmentation and glutathione in its different forms would not be the “new” go to for clearer skin.


jasleen chana

Hello, could you please tell me that which company Glutathione you used? Thanks


Do you have any proof? Can you post before and after photos?

Milgred luisen

Hi…how can I buy this …i am n uae

france ele

so, i calculate how much i will take and i need to take 35 tablets per day.. is this ok? :O


hi, i’m an asian and malaysian, i’m kinda have bright skin but some are tanned because of the sunlight like my face,neck,leg and my arms and also i have minor pimples problem which are not that serious, some people called it “sand pimples”, i don’t know. first,can i take vitamin c in powder but i don’t know the effectiveness is the same as yours or not,because yours i think is difficult to get in my state. then also, do you think vitamin c can make the sand pimples go away?? i mean not that completely gone, but at least can… Read more »


Thanks a lot ladies for the insight into using Vit C it is an antioxidant and it help with anti aging as well you cannot overdose on it cos it is water soluble the excess will just be washed out that being said the goal of all this skin brightening products is to have healthy skin not to look dead like Snow White that is not appealing to any woman or man I am obsessed with wanting to keep my skin glowy forever so using Vit c has a lot of benefits glowy skin just happen to be one. My… Read more »

I took divided doses to 3000mg per day religiously for 8 months, and my skin has NOT lightened at all. VERY disappointed!


Hi. does it matter which brand of vitamin c to take? its not easy finding vitamin c 2000mg in different brands in SA


Did you find something that works?


I’m currently taking Puritanspride Vitamin C 1000mg formulated/manufactured in USA. Does MF ship here in the Philippines?? Thanks a lot..


hi sis! I saw your blog about vitamin c and glutathione in terms of skin whitening. Its indeed informative.. You know what? I’m with gluta for 8months before but I really didn’t see any significant effect in terms of skin whitening.. I’m back to gluta now and I’m currently trying the gluta drip. I’m done with my 2 session yet there’s no significant effect! and mind you its really expensive. But now I’m trying to stop it since I didn’t and still don’t see any significant effect in terms of whitening. I also read some comments and suggestions in… Read more »


In saudi have Vit C for whitening

Hello. Does anyone know if Puritan’s pride vitamin c work for skin whitening. Pls reply Asap.


Hey,I’m white totally but my forearms,neck and face are also tanned so in how much time would I be able to become the victim of skin whitening process…plz reply


Hey! I would like to know if I have to use the given supplement brand above or can I just use regular vitamin C ?


I am from india skin colour is browninsh but not dark so 1000mg vit c is enough?? and how many days it will take to lighten my skin???


i weight approximately 55 kg. Will 1000mg once a day would be enough as I am already medium tan and want to lighten 3 shades only


please help i am in a deliemna


hey , are you sure there isnt no need to take glutathion ?

shiva anisa


shiva anisa

Hi im shiva from indonesia,,i just want to ask my little confuse about how to whiten skin,,,im medium dark .long time ago ive do iv treatment six month with 1000mg vit c n 600mg tation per week,,,and no result,,,after that i upgrade my dosage to 2000 vit c i use derma c iv brand and just one mont i see good result,,,but after i finish 10x iv im quit cos im afraid something happen in my kidney,,,plise giv me advise i want to hve good skin again but im stiil afraid about kidney stone,,,can u giv me solution what oral… Read more »


I dont take any medication or anything, a healthy individual thus I would like to take this.
I seen you mentioned MF vitamin C, what does MF stands for because I tried googling it and it came up with many random things. Or do you have other brands to recommend and which one are you using. I see it changed people drastically because they were tan, I am scared it will do no effect because I am east Asian and my skin is not tan but more like a beige, but I want to be white as snow.


MF stands for Marie France


Why white as snow? No one is really that white unless they’re a corpse after their already very pale skin has lightened post mortem.


Cake lover

Okay kojic is more stronger? Okay. So That is the pills i just started taking. So we need to take 2000 mg? So 4 pills throughout the day? Isn’t that an overdose? I read the side effects and they are nausea and kidney stones and others, so I’m afriad to take that amount because of the side effects. What about vit c powder.? And I think I’ll take the 4 vit c pills every day while using kojic soap.what amount wud be considered an overdose? I’m 133.6 lbs so how much vit c shud i take ? And I live… Read more »

I, myself, takes 2000 mg and it does work for me. However, I cannot say that you should do it too since it may interfere with other medications (if you’re taking any) and you should consult with your doctor prior to taking any new medication.

Regarding the kojic soap: you should always protect your skin from sunlight every time you go out even though you’re only out for a few minutes.

Cake lover

Okay, I DO NOT TAKE other meds, i just take vitamins like one a day women and calcium and such and such. Did u have to consult with your doctor as well? And are you saying I should never go in the sun ever again? That part is a bit unclear but no matter what , I’ll always wear sunblock even if it is for a few minutes. Do you re apply sunscreen with in a few hours or just put it on and leave it on for the whole day? Do you ever still go in the sun anymore… Read more »

I did. I take other meds so I had to ask my doctor especially about the dosage that I’m taking. I would strongly suggest for you to ask him/her to see if it’s ok to take 2000mg. Believe it or not but I do not stay under the sun at all. When I get out, the sun is down already. I think this is the reason why the kojic soap has worked well for me.

Cake lover

Aww, so what are you trying to say, I should not use kojic soap? :( , do you have any other alternatives to skin whitening that would work for going in the sun for even a few mintues? Or wud it still be okay to use kojic soap while going in the sun for a few minutes wearing sunblock?

Do u use kojic SOAP OR PAPAYA KOJIC SOAP? which ones better and stronger , the one u suggest?

If you can wear something to cover the area where you’re using the kojic soap, then go ahead and use it. I use kojic soap.

Cake lover

Ok great! I can cover up, but how do i cover up my face? Lol.
Why don’t u use kojic papaya soap? //
U did a blog saying papaya kojic soap has way more benefits, so y kojic soap? Is kojic soap more effective than papaya kojic soap?

And do u have any before and after pics for using kojic soap. Any pics of ur arms or just any pics?

And can u give a link to where u buy ur soap pls? Thanks

I used the DS papaya soap before until I discovered the MF brand, that’s why I said I used the papaya soap before. I’ll look at my other files to see if I have any then I will post it.


Wait u never go under the sun? Can’t u get osteoporosis by never getting sunlight??

I take Vitamin D supplement and drink a lot of milk. I was never a fan of sunlight and the beach.

Hey are you kidding?? Man evolved in the sun – our bodies need vitamin D which is produced mainly by sunlight on our skin Vitamin D is more than a vitamin it is a pre-hormone, we need it to fight all sorts of infections and diseases. Vitamin D deficiency has increased since we have been told to smother on (carcinogenic) sun screens. Don’t be afraid to go in the sun – just don’t go red. Check out the Vitamin D council, Mark’s Daily Apple, etc etc.

Cake lover

Can I use glutathione with vit c caps? Will it be more effective? I want to whiten ASAP, or will kojic be faster and more effective?

Cake lover

What about gluthatione soap? Is that more effective than kojic acid?

I used both before and I find kojic soap to be more effective than Gluta. It’s stronger.

Cake lover

Okay kojic is more stronger? Okay. So That is the pills i just started taking. So we need to take 2000 mg? So 4 pills throughout the day? Isn’t that an overdose? I read the side effects and they are nausea and kidney stones and others, so I’m afriad to take that amount because of the side effects. What about vit c powder.? And I think I’ll take the 4 vit c pills every day while using kojic soap.what amount wud be considered an overdose? I’m 133.6 lbs so how much vit c shud i take ? And I live… Read more »

See my response about Vitamin C in your other post. The MF kojic soap that I’m using right now is from here:

Cake lover

Ok thank u sooo much for all your wonderful help!!!!


You can use whatever brand, however, there’s no such supplement that will make you white in a couple of days. There’s really no way to expedite the whitening process since it’s gradual.



Thanks Gary!


ok thanks

Hi ! I’m starting to take 2000mg everyday of Kirkland Signature Vit. C .. do you think this supplement is effective ?

I’ve never tried it myself so I don’t know.


Hello dear, thnx somch for the enlightenment ovr vitamin c, can u jus giv me yo recommendations on whr to order, they hav to provide shipping as wel coz m in S.A, thnx a bunch

Sorry but I don’t sell this product.

zehra ali

I love taking vitamin C its so good for my skin n for my stretch marks too am taking 500 mcg ny GNC brand

archana rathod

hey this product is not available in india pls help me

Not sure but I think MF delivers worldwide. You’ll need to check with them though.


can i used any ordinary vitamin c and i can see the result as you r getting through M F skin Brightening formula……… bcoz i didn’t get that M F product in my country ………. plz reply

You may but of course, you want something with Bioflavonoids like MF because it’s another reform of Vit C and it’s also anti aging. I think they ship it to you if you place an order.


Can I use ordinary vitamin c for skin whitening… and I can see the result. Bcoz whatever product u r mention I is not available here in dubai…

You can but I can’t tell you if it’s gonna work. I think MF ships the products worldwide.


hie from where i can get this vitamin c in india

I don’t know.


hey ama guy with a complexion somewhat like south american..fair skin though..but i want to look it possible?

When you say “I want to look white,” are you saying that you want to go from your skin tone now to Michael Jackson’s skin tone?

Paul Gaynor

Is taking any vitamin c whiten your skin

In my experience, it lightened my skin and removed my skin blemishes.

Tun tang

Thanks so much for the useful info May i check how long should we take high dosage of 2000mg/day Should we stop after six months or we should continue to take forever? Many thanks

What are you taking exactly?

Hi! I calculated and I need 3120mg. How many mg per MF tablet and how do you take them in a day? So let’s say I need 4 tablets, do you take 2 in the morning and 2 again the afternoon or just take them in one go? Cheers!

How many vitamin c supplements do you take a day to get your desired results.1 or 2

I take two tablets a day.

How many supplements of vitamin c do you take a day to achieve your results?

Hello how many vitamin c supplement do you take to achieve your results?


Hello, you have a wonderful post with helpful information.
I have a small question: will your skin continue to lighten the longer you use the supplement, or will it stop whitening after a certain point?? And also, will any Vitamin C suplement work, or does it have to be a commercial one like Marie France?
Please answer, and thank you!


The longer you take Vitamin C, the lighter your skin will be. I cannot speak about other Vitamin C supplements because I’ve never tried them. However, one thing I like about the MF Vitamin C supplement is it contains anti-aging ingredients.


I am going to purchase right away, but i wanted to know have you tried any other whitening/lightening products by marie france


Yes, I have. I’ve tried the whitening kits that they have for intimate areas.


are u gox to take it all your life or only for 6months. Those it also have any after effect like barenness

I would suggest taking it everyday until you are satisfied with the results.

Sachin Borude

Can Vitamin C also helps to reduce dark lips and it can changes to soften pinkish red lips ..??

The primary use of Vitamin C is to lighten skin tone. However, it may also help lighten dark lips. I’m not sure about this one though.

Sachin Borude

hii ..i have one question…most of glutathione site,product says that glutathione not only brighten your skin it also help to reduce,removes acne ,acne marks ,acne scars freakles,melasma,wrinkles ,dark lips,and its anti -aging question is here that you said only vitaminC is required for whiten skin but what about other problems which i mentioned above like remove scars and get radiant,pinkish skin ….
Can Vitamin C also help to reduce such problem expect whiten skin..?? thanku…

Vitamin C lightens your skin tone so it will help fade those skin problems. However, you may want to use topical creams for the acne to help control it.

Hey Guys, This is Tina , and I am from U.S. I was just wondering if anyone of you have tried Luxxe White Enhnaced Glutathione product. This product is sold in Phillipines alot. So, is this product really effective?

Hi Tina,

Like what I blogged before, glutathione caps are not as effective as Vitamin C caps. Why spend so much money on glutathione supplements if you can buy a Vitamin C caps and see the results within 3 months?

as a soaper i find it effective to add vitamin C which is cheaper instead of gluta..and results are encouraging, it lightens skin without the peeling effect…

I agree. Sames goes for supplements. No need to take glutathione – Vitamin C itself whitens the skin.

Mary Rose

What kind of Vitamin C should I have to take to whitens my skin?


the reason why some people recommends glutathione (with the vitamin C) is because it slows down the production of melanin which is an advantage to those who live in a hot climate.

That is true, however, same thing goes for Vitamin C. In fact, taking Vitamin C alone can whiten your skin faster than taking glutathione pills. No need for glutathione.

That is true, however, same thing goes for Vitamin C. In fact, taking Vitamin C alone can whiten your skin faster than taking glutathione pills. No need for glutathione.


for how long will I take the vitamin c

Depends on your skin. I’ve been taking it f or over six months and have seen tremendous results.


Hi I was using a topical whitening cream with Neutrotone tube that made me white in a fiew weeks for months. I stoped using the products for like 3 months and now I’m darker than before so pls I need your help. I want my skin to be white again