Kojic Acid Soap: Everything You Need To Know

Will kojic acid soap work for you? An easy-to-ready guide on what the soap does and doesn’t do, who should and shouldn’t use the soap, side effects, safety and information on how to use it to see faster results.

What is kojic acid soap?

Kojic acid soap or sometimes called “kojic soap” is made of active ingredient called kojic acid, a by-product of Sake (Japanese rice wine.) In 1989, Japanese women discovered that kojic acid have the ability to make their skin look lighter.

How kojic soap works:

The soap works by aggressively exfoliating the top layer of the skin to reveal a much lighter and even skin underneath. By removing dead skin cells, kojic acid will then penetrate the skin deeper, which will make the skin look lighter and even-toned.

Will kojic acid soap work for me?

Kojic acid soap is a very powerful soap that can lighten skin tone and remove dark spots in the body. I’ve used it myself many times and it has always worked for my skin problems.

However, before you buy one, you may want to what I wrote below so that you can give yourself an idea on whether it will work for you or not.

What kojic acid soap does:

  • Evens skin tone.
  • Lightens skin.
  • Helps lighten medium, dark to black skin.
  • Helps remove acne/pimples and acne scars.
  • Removes hyper pigmentation.
  • Lightens the appearance of melasma.
  • Lightens the appearance of dark spots in the inner thighs, underarms, knees, knuckles.
  • Gets rid of acne scars.
  • Exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin to get rid of blackheads.
  • Gives a natural-looking fair skin.
  • Works on black skin.
  • Removes eczema scars
  • Gets rid of strawberry legs

What kojic soap doesn’t do:

  • Doesn’t give a “bleached-looking skin.”
  • Doesn’t remove stretch marks.
  • Does not contain hydroquinone
  • Lighten lips
  • Doesn’t permanently lighten skin. Contrary to what you’ve read or heard before, the soap (and no skin lightening products) can permanently lighten the skin. Your skin will return back to its natural tone when you stopped using the product.

Where you can and cannot use kojic acid soap:

The soap can be used on face (except eyes, lips and mouth) and body (except nipples, genitals, anal and other sensitive areas).

Please DO NOT use the soap on the areas above as it’s harmful when ingested. In addition, it will cause severe burning and irritation if it’s used on sensitive areas.

Who should use kojic acid soap:

If you’re searching for products that can get rid of dark spots, uneven skin tone or if you just want to lighten your skin, then kojic soap is right for you. This is a very powerful soap that delivers results.

Who should NOT use this soap:

  • Individuals who stay under too much sunlight should not use this soap at all. The reason for this is because this soap contains kojic acid, a very powerful skin lightening ingredient that can produce adverse effect when used under direct sunlight. Note that if you plan on using any kind of lightening products (soaps, creams, toner, etc.) you should not stay under the sun anyway.
  • Also, if you’re the kind of person who wants to see results in about 1-4 weeks, then this soap (and any other products that promises an even skin tone) is not for you. Why? Because it might take sometime before you see any results on your skin especially if you have medium to dark skin. However, keep in mind that there are some people who would see results earlier than most of us.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Do not use this soap if you have super sensitive skin.

Side effects of using kojic acid soap:

Please note that all of the side effects listed below will not be experienced by everyone since we all have different skin types. Also, these side effects might last between 1-3 weeks depending on your skin sensitivity.

  • Redness
  • Itchiness (use a heavy cream or lotion to prevent this from happening)
  •  “Tight Feeling”
  • Breakout (happens most of the time if you’re acne-prone)
  • Dry skin (use a heavy lotion or cream)
  •  Peeling
  • Burning/Tingling Sensation

Note: Don’t panic if you experience these side effects because it will eventually go away. It’s temporary.


Is kojic acid soap safe?

According to this safety assessment report, kojic acid soap is safe to use in cosmetics.

Is kojic soap safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use kojic acid soap. It’s too strong.

Does kojic acid cause cancer?

There’s no indication that kojic acid causes cancer as of this writing. According to this report, kojic acid is safe to use within certain levels.

Real vs Fake Kojic Acid Soap:

Over the years, kojic acid soap became really popular due to to its effectiveness. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, a lot of fake soaps have been circulating the market.

Here are some things that you can do to make sure that you’re buying a real kojic soap:

  • ALWAYS buy directly from the source. For example, if you’re thinking about buying Marie France Kojic Acid Soap, then I would go directly to their site rather than buying it off on Amazon or other marketplace.
  • Buy from a reputable seller. If you still want to buy from Amazon or eBay, then make sure that you’re buying from a reputable seller. Check their feedback first.
  • Avoid buying unlabeled kojic soaps. Most of these are just plain soaps with orange color in it.
  • Go to the brand’s official social media page or website and ask if the seller where you bought the soap from is an authorized distributor.
  • Examine the overall appearance of the soap. Go to the brand’s official site or social media page and compare the soap that you bought to the pictures of the soap posted on their site. If you notice any difference, then contact the brand first. Brands do change their packaging every few years for marketing purposes.

Common Problems:

  • Kojic soap doesn’t work – you have to give the soap about 8 weeks before you see results. You have to allow kojic acid to penetrate your skin before seeing results.
  • Burning/itching feeling – use the soap less often and use a heavy moisturizer afterwards.

How to use your kojic acid soap to see faster results:

Step #1:

Always wet your face with warm (NOT hot) water. It’s always better to use your kojic soap when your pores are open (warm water opens pores) so that it will unclog it. Wash your face like how you would normally wash it with a regular soap but be aware of the timeframe I listed below.

First Week:

If this is your first time using a kojic soap, then you should only use it once a day for no more than 20 seconds. You have to let your skin get used to the kojic acid. Leaving the soap on your skin for more than the time stated above might cause redness and irritation.

Second Week:

You can now use it twice a day for no more than 20 seconds each time.

Third Week and so on:

It’s now ok to leave it on for 1-2 minutes and use it twice daily.

Sensitive combination skin:

For those who have sensitive/combination type of skin, you may feel some kind of “tingling sensation.” In addition, micro peeling will occur. This is a good sign. Whenever the skin peels, it means that it’s removing the dead skin cells and replacing it with a brand new one so that it’s going to look younger, whiter and smoother.

Step #2 (this is an important step):

Wash your face with very cold water for about 2 minutes. Why is this important? Simply because since you opened your pores with warm water, you now have to close it with cold water. I noticed that when I finish washing my face with cold water, my pores are less visible and my skin feels a lot smoother. In addition, there’s less peeling. Maybe it’s just my skin but you should try it to and see what happens.

Step #3:

Dry your face and apply a heavy moisturizer – preferably a heavy skin whitening cream for your face and a whitening lotion for your body. Please note that kojic soap causes skin peeling. Yes, that’s that “dry skin” that you’re seeing. Don’t worry as it’s not really “drying” your skin, it’s actually peeling it to remove the dead skin so that kojic acid can penetrate your skin deeper. It also helps give you that smooth and radiant-looking skin.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: If you plan on using another skin lightening product (creams, serums, lotion) while using kojic acid soap, it’s better to avoid a product that contains kojic acid. For example, do not use kojic acid lotion with kojic acid soap because this will create too much exfoliation. It’s better to stick with another active ingredient like alpha arbutin or niacinamide while using the soap.

When you’ll see results:

Results vary depending on your skin type and how fast your skin adapts to the active ingredients. However, it normally takes an average of 8 weeks before you see results.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Don’t stay under the sun.
  • Avoid rubbing the skin if it’s itchy (add more moisturizer is the solution to itchy skin).
  • See recommended usage time and don’t leave the soap longer than the time frame listed below.
  • Do buy a heavy moisturizer before using the soap.
  • Don’t use on broken skin.

Best kojic acid soaps for your skin tone:

Medium to dark skin tones: If you have a medium to dark skin tone like myself, I can assure you that very few brands of kojic acid soaps will work for you. Why? It’s because we have more melanin on our skin compared to our light skin counterparts. What you need to do is to use a kojic soap that’s specifically made for darker skin color.

Light to Fair skin tones: For those with light or fair skin, you can use the soaps below but be warned that they may be too strong for you. You have to be very careful using these brands. The good thing is, you’ll probably see results faster compared to people with darker skin. Lucky duck!

#1. Marie France Kojic Soap: 

Best for skin tones: medium, dark, black

kojic acid soap

This is what I’m currently using. So far, it has exceeded my expectation. Like what I said, I’ve tried so many different brands of kojic soap but this brand is the strongest by far. I’m currently using it on my butt, bikini and underarm area every day.

In addition, this kojic soap is made specifically for medium to dark skin tones. I have many African-american (black), Indian and Hispanic friends who swear by this soap. Most of them use it to get rid of dark spots and hyper pigmentation and it works for them. If you are under this skin tone category, then you’re lucky.

Warning: This is also a very strong lightening soap. The soap box says “maximum strength” and they’re right – it’s maximum strength. I’ve used it on my face before and one of my co-workers asked me, “why is your face so much whiter that the rest of your body?” That was funny but that’s when I realized that it really works when it comes to lightening the skin.


#2. Diana Stalder

kojic acid soap

Best for skin tones: Fair to Medium

I used this soap for maybe six months. This has kojic acid and papaya extract in it. It did help lighten my skin but I felt that it’s kinda slow so I decided to try a different brand.







#3. Likas Papaya

kojic acid soap

Best for skin tones: Fair

I remember using this soap when I was in 6th grade. Back then, I had severe acne and one of my friends who had used this brand told me to try it myself. Unfortunately, it broke my skin out ever more! I know that my skin type (sensitive) has something to do with it as well. We didn’t have air conditioner when I was growing up so it was hot. I stopped using this soap after a few days.



Common kojic soap ingredients:

Kojic acid, Papaya extract, Glycerine, Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Orange scent and Color

Questions and Answers:

  • Who can use kojic acid soap?

Anyone can use it, however, people who stay under the sun should refrain from using this soap.

  • Can I use it on my areolas?

No. I would not suggest to use a kojic soap in this very sensitive area. It’s way too strong.

  • How long before I see results?

It depends on your skin. Results vary individually, therefore, no one can tell how long before you’ll see its lightening effect. However, this particular soap has to be used every single day (preferably twice a day) to see maximum results.

  • Can I use kojic soap on my underarms or inner thighs?

Absolutely. However, please be careful when using it in your inner thighs as you do not want the soap so be in your intimate part.

  • Once I achieve my desired results, can I stop using it?

I wouldn’t suggest to completely stop using it. What I would do is to use it as a maintenance. For example, if you’re using it 2x a day, everyday, then you should just use it 2-3 times a week for maintenance. Remember that this is a topical skin whitening product and the result isn’t permanent.

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Hi I just bought the marie Frances kojic acid soap does 1 bar last a long time I got it for my whole body and you said you could use a body scrub first before I use the acid soap will it make it work faster


HI i actually have these little spots around my thighs and legs. others call it chicken skin or keratosis pilaris. i was just wondering if kojic soap could help me solve this skin problem. i actually have dry skin on my legs and thighs but it never exfoliates. :( i ve been trying different moisturizing soaps and lotions, but not a single thing changed. i hope you could give some advice. Thanks in advance!


Hi I’m 15 and my back , butt and some parts on my thighs and stomach are WAY darker than what other products would you suggest I use with the soap and how long before I see results?

I’d suggest using the whitening scrub and marie france creme. It helps alot clearing skin problems like that. Make sure that you use it everyday to see results. Let me know if it works out for you.

Hey ! ive been using Kojic Acid since highschool and then i stopped using it and used Kojie San instead and later figured out that it doesnt work as amazing as the former . Apparently, I also suffer acne since highschool and there was a time when Kojic helped me clear them away but then my acnes came back and I had even more breakouts. Im just wondering if i could use Glow face and body lotion (with active component Retinol) for my face after taking a bath and using Kojic . I browsed the internet and found out that… Read more »

Retinol’s main purpose is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I used it before and didn’t really like it. Like you, I’m acne-prone with very sensitive skin. Although I’ve heard that Retinol can make the skin look really good, please note that it will make the skin worse for the first few weeks to remove the impurities. This means that you will suffer breakouts and possibly black and whiteheads before you see results. In addition, also note that you should avoid sunlight when using retinol as it will make the skin very sensitive to light.


So before I had been using this lightning gel it was called xtreme brite or something I read a lot of good reviews so I decided to use it after about two weeks I stopped because I saw no difference and the thing told me and people online said two weeks, thinking back now I was stupid to stop lol but whatever so anyways about three weeks later I find it again and decide to give it a try but instead after the second day my underarms were black very black my skin tone is like a Carmel tone I’m… Read more »

So what did you use before you started using Xtreme Brite again? It sounds like you’re having a bad skin reaction. What you’re experiencing is called post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. It’s a temporary adverse skin reaction to whatever product you were using before. If you’re experiencing itchiness, then try using hydrocortisone cream to relive the itchy feeling. Once the skin is completely healed (no more itchiness, redness, peeling or dryness), then I would suggest start using the kojic soap. The thing is you don’t want to use the soap right now if you’re skin isn’t recovered since you might experience additional… Read more »


Yikes, thank you so much, how do you know all of this stuff? You’re so smart hahaha! But I was never using anything before I just got so tired of my underarms and started using the xtreme brite gel, but now I can’t even lift my arms at all or else I feel like I would burst in tears because of people’s reactions. I’m going to start using that thing, but approximately how long do you think it would take??! And I sort of kind of have been using the kojic acid for about four days now, I don’t see… Read more »

It really depends on your skin. I can’t tell you when you’ll see results since every skin type is different. One thing I can tell you is you won’t see results in 4 days. What brand of kojic soap are you using? How did your skin look before you started using the kojic acid?


I’m using the one you recommended that was the best I’m not sure the name it’s like Mari france or something lolol that was probably way off but before I started using the kojic acid my skin was very rough there is a very large round spot around my underarms where I was apply the product and it goes a little bit higher and under and out of my underarms but it was just a very dark brown and a bit scabby but when I would take off the “scabs” it would just be an accumulation of dead dark brown… Read more »


Also after been using the kojic acid I’ve been putting cocoa butter on it afterwards just because it’s such a thick consistency, and I still have the same dryness in the morning but for a short period of time it’s moisturized, I’ve also noticed it kind of looks like scabs are forming around the hyper pigmentation and sometimes I pick at them..?? Is that bad?!

Yeah it kinda sounds odd. I think that based on your description, you may want to stop using the soap for now and just wait until the skin is completely healed. Sounds like your skin is still not done healing from Xtreme Brite.


I would just hate risking the chance of my underarms not getting better because I stopped, I’m going to see a doctor sometime soon I really hope since they will see it in person they coul be able to subscribe me something. Do you think a chemical peel would do the job?


Hi i am using kojic San soap for 2 weeks. But i am unable to see any peeling or any change in my skin.
Also let me know, while using this product, i cant go for a day outing may be a to a beach .

Pls reply

Peeling doesn’t happen with everyone who uses kojic acid. Most people with sensitive skin experience this but not all. Therefore, if you have combination or maybe normal skin type, then you’ll probably not experience it. Next, you will not see results in 2 weeks. Depending on your skin, you may need to way between 8+12 weeks, before seeing results. Yes, you’re right – you cannot stay under the sun while using the product as it may cause severe sunburn or adverse effect.


But there can be a way out to enjoy a day out. Pls refer something which I can put on my skin which protect my skin while I m out in sun

You can use any sub lock with SPF 30 or more but beware that it might cause adverse reaction since sunlight isn’t advisable for anyone who uses kojic soap due to the kojic acid in it. Also, you’re not gonna get lighter if you stay under the sun, which defeats the purpose of using a skin whitening soap.


I don’t want to lighten my skin – I have dark brown spots on my legs due to shaving – as a teen. Will the Konij acid help get rid of them?


I started using the kojic soap because after using the skin peeling oil my skin had gotten 3 shades darker and not 3 shades lighter (in the bikini area) I’m so embarrassed and insecure now idk what to do. But, my question is when I first started using the kojic soap I felt the tingling and my skin would “peel” off while washing also, for the second week my skin does not peel nor “tingle” when I use the soap. Does this mean it’s not working? What can I do to fix my now extremely darkened bikini area? Please help!

Hi Nelly – did you start using the soap right after using the peeling oil? The “tingling” peeling doesn’t mean that it’s working, it means that your skin is reacting to it and your skin is sensitive to kojic acid. If you no longer feel the “tingling” feeling, it means that your skin is now used to the kojic acid.


Hey, thanks for the reply! I actually started using the soap shortly after I realized my skin had gotten darken because of the peeling oil. Since I have, i can say it has definitely gotten noticeably lighter. I’m going to keep using it until I can get my desired result. But, I was just wondering would it be okay for me to try to peeling oil again in 2 months or will it just become darker again making me have to start the whole lightening process over from the beginning?


Hi!! I love your review about these soaps!! I have questions:
-Im 12 years old, is it ok for me to use Marie france??
-What do you mean about heavy moisturizer, can you please give me one example….is nivea one of them…?
-Does it really works?
Thanks!! :)


I think you’re too young to use it and your skin is still a baby. You should use something really mild.


I just want to ask… how many times a week?? Im only 12 years old.. is it ok for me to use it.. what do you mean by heavy moisturizer, kindly give me one example?? I love your explaination about these soaps!!! Thanks!! :)


paano mo po malalaman qng fake ung kojic?

Siguro it depends. Number 1 – may brand name ba yun? If so, then you should look at the manufacturer’s website kung legit supplier ba yung pinagbilhan mo and kung ano yung physical characteristics (font color, emblem, etc.) ng soap na binili mo. Kung walang brand name at let’s say naka-shrink wrap lang, then you shouldn’t use it kasi hindi mo alam kung any-ano ba yung ingredients na nandun and kung sino may gawa.


hi! i hope you also try Royale kojic papaya soap since it has good feedback from my friends. i love to read a review of it from you :)


Hi, thank you for this article. I have a question :) After your skin gets lighter after using the soap, do you have to keep using it continuously? Or will your skin stay light (if you use sunscreen) Thank you.


Hi, I know we have to stay out of the sun when using any whitening products but this is so hard with day to day activities such as driving, walking to places, etc. I use a 50+ sunblock. Any other tips on what to do, is it ok to cover up say with a kaftan or long sleeved clothing but cool in summer e.g.: cotton tops etc will this be effective or can the sun still penetrate. I only use the soap on my body not my face . Also what about shaving legs, when I shave my legs should… Read more »

Yes, you can use the soap at night rather than using it in the morning, however, you may not see that much of an improvement since you cannot refrain from staying under the sun. To use long sleeves and other kind of protective clothing is a great idea but the best thing is to avoid sunlight completely to see significant results.


ohh no i’ve stayed under the sun for too long, in the pool. And my skin specially my forehead has been darker what should i do? Should i start over again or is there a shorcut to regain my lighter skin back. If its possible for how long? im going to meet my gf and she is really disappointed detailing her on have happened to my skin please help me in remedies and for faster effects on my skin.. What moisturizer would you recommend to me? At night what kind of cream should i apply is olive oil a good… Read more »

HI Japz,

Unfortunately, skin whitening is a gradual process. There’s no “shortcut” to get a lighter complexion. However, I would suggest for you to use a whitening soap, toner and also a whitening cream to lighten your skin.


Hi! I just want to ask if ever I will buy from Marie France online store, will they deliver it to houses or will it go straight to the Philippine Post Office? Will there be a problem that custom will hold it? I’m just afraid because the last time I tried purchasing from the online store in China for cloth diapers (20 pcs only), it was hold by customs and asked me to pay for some amount. It was traumatic paying double the price of the items. I want to know, how do you do it? How do you purchase?… Read more »


I think that they deliver it directly to you and no, when my friend who’s in the Philippines purchased it, she didn’t have any problems at all.

I was wondering if this soap is safe to use with a washcloth and also if this soap has any effect on stretch marks whether new or old? Thank you.

I don’t know if it has any effects in areas with stretch marks but yes, you can use it with a washcloth.


Hi u jus purchased the soap. Can I use it with my body scrub? Will there be an adverse effect? I’m using it for my inner thighs and butt cheeks. Pls advise, tks Alot!

Of course you can. It actually works better with a scrub.


Ms Beautyregimen, I commend you for your patience in answering your readers questions. I just found your site last night and it is very interesting and informative. Thank you!



hello i’m black and my face and my neck are more darker than the rest of my body (and even on y face, my nose is more lighter than the rest), i just want to make my face and my neck as the same skin than the rest of my body to have a uniform skin: – marie france acid kojic saop did work for black people? – how many shade lighter can i expect with it, and in how many times? – wich moistuzier, and sunscreen do you recommanded me to use? – can i do some mask with… Read more »

Here are the answers to your questions: – marie france acid kojic saop did work for black people? Answer: Yes, it does. It’s suitable for everyone regardless of race. – how many shade lighter can i expect with it, and in how many times? Realistically, you can get 2-3 shades lighter. Waht do you mean how many times? – wich moistuzier, and sunscreen do you recommanded me to use? – Any heavy mositurizer is good but to speed up the process, you should use a whitening cream. Regarding sunscreen, any brand will do. – can i do some mask with… Read more »


Thank you for your answer. – By ‘how many times’, in fact, i mean how long to get the 2-3 shades ( sorry for the lapse, i’m not english) if i start using it once a day for the first week, and twice a day from the second week, and 1-2 mn from the third week? – So i received the facial skin whitening kit from marie france And i will start using it as recomanded, once a day (the night) for the first week and twice a day from the second week… So i should start to see result… Read more »




another question i forgoted,

how should i use the saop for best result?
i apply (rub or not?) the saop directly on my wet face (like i apply a toner with coton ball?), wait 20 sec, then washt it with water?

thank you for your help

and one more time, sorry for bother you…

First Step: ****Always remove makeup first using a gentle facial cleanser prior to using this soap. **** Wet skin with warm water and gently massage soap on the skin for no more than 15 seconds on your first week of use. DO NOT RUB. Avoid getting into eyes, nose or mouth. Use this soap only once a day (preferably at night) for the first week. Wash thoroughly with cold water. NOTE: After the first week, you can use the soap twice a day for no more than 30 seconds. Second Step: Apply the Tone Perfecting Crème (for face) or Tone… Read more »


Hi is there any skin whitening cream you would recommend go use with the kojic acid soap?

I would recommend using the Tone Perfecting Creme.


I received mine now, will use the advice and will keep in touch should I encounter problems.

Thank you. Please write back and let us all know if it worked out for you.


How many shades lighter could this make you and in what amount of time?
Are the results faster if I’m just simply trying to even out my skin(revert my skin to how it was before)?

Hi Tori,

It really depends on the individual’s skin. I can’t tell you when you’ll see results, however, the average timeframe for most individual is 8-12 weeks of twice a day use. What I can suggest is to use the soap twice a day, everyday. You have to be consistent about it. Also try a skin whitening lotion to speed up the process.


Hello again! Is it okay to stay under the sun when you use a kojic soap? I mean they say it’s worse to stay under the sun for too long because your skin is thinner when you’re using a kojic soap? Is it true? I’m just afraid that it’ll just make my skin darker. And also I’m planning to use it only at night then I’ll put a nivea men lotion after wash. Would that be fine? Because they say I should use a sunscreen. Thank you in advance!

Absolutely not. The reason why you should not stay under the sun while using a kojic soap is because it would cause an adverse effect on your skin. Also, it makes your skin very sensitive and easy to get burned by sunlight. Sunlight will definitely make your skin darker and staying under the sun while using kojic acid products on your skin will make it worse. Why would you want to lighten your skin and stay under the sun anyway? Sorry but I don’t get it. Yes, you can just use it at night and then use the lotion. That’s… Read more »

milan saga

What is the diff between kojic and gluta soap???

Kojic soap is kojic acid-based. It’s stronger than glutathione soap that’s based in glutathione, which is a known antioxidant.


Hello. Is it okay for a male to use it? I will use it for my body not for the face. Is it okay also to use it for my private parts like testicles, penis etc.? I’m planning to use this next week. Will I experience results after a month? Thank you!

Hi Charles,

Yes, the kojic soap can be used by anyone regardless of gender, race, etc. I would not suggest to use it on those private areas that are very sensitive because the Marie France Kojic Soap is very strong and it can sting really bad if you have sensitive skin. I would suggest to use the Marie France Tone Perfecting Creme on your penis and testicles.


I recently bought a kojic acid soap for my inner thighs and I’m paranoid about it dripping down my leg or getting it on places I don’t want whitened(one of them being my hands and arms). Should I be concerned? Also, my thighs get no sun whatsoever. Will it make them even more white if I use it on already white skin?(I’m a Caucasian male)

The best way to use the kojic soap on your inner thighs is by using the kojic soap in a squat position. I don’t think that you should be concerned about it dripping on your arms and hands since you can just wash it immediately. Using a kojic soap will definitely lighten your skin but it will not make it “white.” Once you have achieved the skin tone that you like, you can just go ahead and use the soap 2-3 times a week and not everyday.


I wanted to know if there are ingredients in the soap that are harmful to your skin and also how long do the symptoms that you listed last


and also i have alot of dark spots too.will kojic clear it?

Sure will.


hello,i reside in nigeria…can i use any kind of kojic acid soap….i jst started using it but my fear is that anything that whitens to my surprise i look darker…so dats why am being sceptical to use kojic soap…and also advice on me where i can get this particular ones you advertised here..thanks

There are a lot of kojic soaps in the market, however, not all of them are effective. In order for your skin to lighten, you have to buy the kojic soap that has a high concentration of kojic acid in it. What I’m using right now is the Marie France Kojic Soap (I bought it here: http://store.mariefranceinternational.com/product-p/kojicsoap.htm).


thankyou for giving such a nice reading….shall we use any brands of skin whitening cream and body lotion or it should be the same brand of soap that we wre using

You can use any brand you want.


I have lot freckle on my face , is this soap work for freckle?


Rosaly villamil

Hi I am interested to make an order with the kojic soap please let me know how to or where to place my order needed really badly thanks


I have lot lentigo on my face , is this soap work for lentigo?

It will help but the Macroexfoliator and the Lotion are the ones that you really want to try.


Can I use a strong bleaching cream after I use the Marie France soap??

Of course.


Hello! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for such an informative post.
Did you buy your Marie France Kojic Soap here in the Philippines? If yes, where?
Thank you.

No, I got it from here in the US. See this link: http://store.mariefranceinternational.com/product-p/kojicsoap.htm


Hi! San po available yung Marie France Kojic Soap? And How much po?

pls Replay if your not bussy. thaks!

Can I use a PONDS White Beauty Detox? in my face after use my Kojic acid soap? :)

You can.

Lloyd Estrella

Hi how do i know when my skin is goIng to peeled?

Lloyd Estrella

hello po ulit may tanong po ako sa inyo kung sabon lng po ang gamit ko sa pagpapaputi ilang linggo o buwan ko po malalaman ang resulta ty po? :D

Lloyd Estrella

paki reply lng na lng po agad mamaya

The results vary depending on your skin type.

Lloyd Estrella

meron po akong ask ulit sa inyo kung moreno po ako ano po ang aking skin type?

Lloyd Estrella

Hello po ulit may ask po ako sa inyong tanong.Ang skin color ko po ay white to lightbrown sa tingin ninyo po ano po ang aking skin type paki reply na lng po?ty

I can’t answer that question.

Lloyd Estrella


Lloyd Estrella


sana po malaman ko na po bukas ang sagot sa problema ko :D

ok lng po b kahit wla po akong gamitin na moisturizer sa aking balat?

No. It’s not ok at all. Why? Because you need to moisturize your skin. Kojic acid will exfoliate the skin and it will feel itchy if you do not use a moisturizer.

Lloyd Estrella

wla po kasi akong pera pambili ng cream eh nakatambay lng naman po ako at all times kya matiyagang matiyaga sa sabon ko ok lng po ba yun?

Lloyd Estrella

ok lng po ba yun kya ko naman po tiisin yung kati ng balat ko
heheheh :D

Lloyd Estrella

paki reply lng na lng po agad mamaya ]

Lloyd Estrella


Lloyd Estrella

ok lng po ba kung ang gamit ko po sa mukha ko po ay Eskinol Facial Scrub pagkatpos ko pong kuskusin ng kojic acid soap kung d ka po busy paki reply na lng po lhat ng post ko ?

Lloyd Estrella

ty po

I don’t think that you should use a scrub with the kojic soap. The reason for that is because you do not want to over exfoliate your skin. The kojic acid already has an exfoliation effect so there’s no need to use a scrub.

Lloyd Estrella

may 8 days na po ako ng paggamit ng kojic acid soap at nagdadry na ang balat ko sa 2nd week po ano po ang mkikita ko sa aking balat?ty po

Lloyd Estrella

ska ok lng po ba kahit wla po akong moisturizer?paki reply po ulit e2 agad tnx :D

Lloyd Estrella

meron na po akong 4 days ng paggamit ng KOJIC ACID skin whitening soap meron na po bang akong makikitang pagbabago sa balat ko?paki reply po agad tnx po!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honey, it’s only been 4 days since you used it. It will NOT magically whiten your skin. It will take time depending on your skin sensitivity.

Lloyd Estrella

ok salamat po sa tips

Lloyd Estrella

pag d po pla ng lotion at cream mahapdi po pla


Hi. Uhm.. I just wanted to know where can i buy that kind of kojic soaps and moisturizer?? Thanks ;)

I get mine from this website: store.mariefranceinternational.com


I use kojic soap for my acne and scars both face and body. Im 15 years old, is it okay na gumamit ako ng kojic? Sensitive skin ko and Oily at the same time.
Also what moisturizer should i use?

It doesn’t matter kung anong moisturizer but people with sensitive skin tend to breakout pag gumagamit ng kojic.


Can I use fair and white lotion with kojic soap

You can use any type of lotion, however, I would strongly suggest using a strong whitening lotion with the kojic soap to expedite the whitening process. I used a retinoic acid with alpha arbutin lotion and it works great. My skin now looks lighter and it removed my tan permanently.


Hi Mam,

I’ve been using the kojic soap for 2weeks and parang walang epek sken? Then mahapdi tapos nanganagapal ung mukha ko. Should I stop it? Thanks for the reply.


What brand are you using? Yung kojic soap kasi sometimes it takes a few weeks before you see the results. Sensitive ba skin mo? Parang I have a feeling na sensitive ang skin type mo. I used the Marie France kojic soap before and ganun din yung nafeel ko. Ang ginawa ko naman is I only used it once a day tapos ok na. Gumamit ka rin ng moisturizer – it helps alot.


Ung nabili kong kojic soap sa watson. Nagpeel sya knina pero sa leeg lang. Sa mukha wala. It takes 30mins bago mawala ung hapdi. I used bello toner po.

I’m pretty sure na sensitive yung skin mo. How long do you leave it on your skin?



Mga 3-5 mins po. Siguro mga 1min lng? Super thanks po sa reply.

Yeah use the kojic soap between 30 sec to 1 minute. What brand are you using? I’m currently trying the Marie France brand and so far, nag peel yung skin ko. Nawala rin pati yung wrinkles ko.

Camille Dela Cruz

which is more important when using kojic soap ? sunblock ? or moisturizer ?

HI Camille,

The answer to this question is…it depends. For instance, if you’re the kind of person who’s occasionally under the sun (try to avoid being under the sun at all when using kojic soap), I would suggest using sunblock. Also, If I’m not mistaken, a lot of sunblock lotions have moisturizers in it. If you do not stay under the sun at all, then use a heavy moisturizer.

TIP: It’s better to use a whitening lotion in conjunction with kojic soap to see the results faster.


What moisturiser should I use after the soap


You should use the Diana Stalder Lightening Cream. It’s a great moisturizer and lightener at the same time.

Neha Basu

Hi when I use the soap all over my body it never tingles. I usually leave it for about 2 minutes but it only tingles on my face SLIGHTLY. What am I doing wrong?

No, you’re not doing anything wrong. Not everyone is the same. Just don’t forget to scrub it gently while you have the soap on your skin to remove your dead skin cells and speed up the lightening process.


I’m using kojie san kojic acid soap po. It really worked for me for a week,and there was a lot of peeling,but when I went to our farewell party, I really had to go under the sun because we bonded in the swimming pool, and I didn’t wanted to be missing out all the fun. But after that,I really didn’t darken,just a little tan on the face and arms. Now,I’ve been using kojic again and its slower than before even though the weather here in visayas is gloomy and the sun doesn’t appear at all… why does it happen?

Because your skin will not peel and peel and peel. There will be a period where it will peel a lot but after that “peeling period,” your skin will not peel as much or may not peel at all.

Sexy T

I am from nigeria, I have tried different type of cream and soap but it seems not to work for my skin type My skin can hardly lighten I have really wasted money on different products what should I do Pls advice me I wil b so grateful

There are three reasons why your skin is not getting lighter. 1. The products that you have used before are not strong enough. High concentration in skin whitening products is the key to achieve visible results. If the products are not strong enough, then it wouldn’t really do anything on your skin. Make sure that you purchase derma-grade skin whitening products from reliable brands. 2. You’re not consistent with your usage. In order for any kind of skin whitening products to show visible results, you have to use it consistently. I’m talking about using it twice a day, every day… Read more »


Maam how long would it take for me to regain the lightened skin that i use to have , i do go under the for a couple of hours kci swimming sobrang laki ng initim ko ano po bang remedy that will enhance even the kojics whitening for faster results ung olive oil po is it a good moisturizer?

You know, any kind of whitening product would only cause adverse side effect kung magstay ka under the sun. I would strongly suggest na kung gusto mong pumuti, then you should stay away from the sun completely.

I read all ur thoughts in here and I love it
It really helps me a lot
OK lang po na talaga gumamt kaht my pimples ?
And OK LNG po na din gumamit ng cream na ponds for all skin types sa kojic soap

Hopely waiting for ur responds

About pimple-proned skin: you may want to stay it 1-2 times a week dahil baka ma-irritate yang skin mo. Ponds should be ok.

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