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Do they have branch in Philippines ? particularly in DAVAO CITY ???????

Is this have in dubai?


Hi, is this product available in India.?

That I do not know. I bought mine online.


this product not thr in india…which products can replace this in india

Not sure.


I live in Brazil, as I do to buy?

You should go to the Marie France website and purchase it.


where can i buy a marie france product? i’m in davao oriental philippines

I bought it from their website.

lovelyn platon

Hi. do you a whitening product a effective one.?

Sorry but I don’t understand the question.


a very big problem to buy belo’s cream in africa.where to find and where to buy?

Belo Essentials? There are a lot sold online.

Equinox Wilson

Can I also get a product to remove a black spot from my leg,?

Of course. You maybe should try a lotion or scrub.


Is your products suitable for a woman of color (i.e. caramel / dark skin)?


I don’t sell the products but it does work for dark skin individuals.

Equinox Wilson

Yep like she said does it really work for black people, , is it that effective,

maricor alegado

wer to buy..


winnie tan

Hello do you know if I can use aloe vera gel to replace hydrocortisone cream?

You can but hydrocortisone works so much better.


Hi do you have any place here in London that sells your product. Thanks

You can check the manufacturer’s website here: store.mariefranceinternational.com

how can bulk purchase of your product

Hi Please go to store.mariefranceinternational.com. The company’s contact information should be there.

Hi, is there any store here in the philippines where i can buy your product?

How can i purchase your product if I’m staying here in the Philippines?

Is your product safe to any types of skin?

Hi EJ,

This is NOT my product. I do not sell it. However, I can tell you that I have not experienced any side effects (as long as you follow the directions) so far. Therefore, I can say that it’s safe to use.


Do you have any stall where I can go? Thanks.

It’s sold online @ store.mariefranceinternational.com


where to buy youre product? Thanks

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