Questions About Butt and Inner Thighs Whitening Kit

Hi ive purchased the diana staldler butt, bikini, inner thighs whitening kit and on the instructions it says that The Multifruit Exfoliant is a peeling oil that you must have on for three days to get best results , how many times per month can i use it? i want to use it on my butt area and im just wondering if you guys have any tips for best results, im a darked skinned girl will this work?! and the cream can i use it on my face or is it dangerous my forhead is darker then the rest of my face?

i know its a lot of questions but i hope thats not a problem :)

Best regards from sweden

Answer: Hi,

You should only use it once a month. Also, it should only be used on butt cheeks. It will work as long as you follow the directions carefully and use the soap and cream at least twice a day. You may need to redo the peeling application until your skin gets into your desired skin tone. The thing is, the kit isn’t magic. It will not miraculously even out your skin tone especially if the area that you’re trying to lighten is really dark. Also, the cream can used on both face and body.

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Did u hava a darker butt ?
We’re u able to wear bikini after this?


Can I use this cream on the outside of my vagina?

Yes, but just on the outside and not on the inside, where it’s really moist.