Skin Whitening Products For Indian Skin

What’s your question?: HI there, I have indian skin that burns then tans very easily. I live in Australia and I use a SPF 30 sunscreen everyday but I still burn and tan a darker shade. I am interested in using your lightening products, could you recommend which is best for my skin,  how I can get them to Australia. I have heard kojic acid can become unstable very quickly how do I prevent this from happening when I get my products. Also once I start using your products will I have to stay out of the sun completely. ? Would love any advice you can give and would love to try your products, I have been doing a lot of research into skin lightening as I have noticed as I get older my skin is duller and darker and I don’t feel confident and happy with it anymore. Thankyou so much


Thanks for the question. First, the reason why your skin is duller and darker is because you stay under the sun too much. SPF lotions, creams, etc. protect you from the harmful UV rays so that you will not get skin cancer. However, it does not protect your skin from skin aging or darkness due to sun exposure. For tan skin tone, I would recommend something strong like the Marie France Kojic Soap for your face and body wash, the Tone Perfecting Creme for your face and the Tone Perfecting Lotion for your body. If you do use the skin whitening products I mentioned above, you will have to completely stay out of the sun. There’s no point of using skin whitening products if you’re going to stay under the sun. Therefore, you will have to choose between staying under the sun and get a tan or stay inside and make your skin look younger and even. I believe that the company who sells these products ship the items internationally. You may want to check their website to see if they deliver to Australia.

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