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Skin Peeling Oil Review

Did you know that you can use a skin peeling oil to whiten your skin as fast as one week? Yes, you heard that right – 1 week. Watch my skin peeling oil before and after video to see for yourself.

The video in this post is my review of Marie France Macroexfoliator skin peeling oil. I’ve used this skin peeling oil before on my inner thighs and butt area and it made a big difference in my skin (read my post about bikini whitening here).

Anyway, I recently tried to use this skin peeling oil on my legs to remove razor bumps and to see if it’s going to lighten my skin. I was thinking that this peeling oil is only good for whitening areas like buttocks, inner thighs and underarms, but I was wrong.

I would recommend this skin peeling oil to everyone who would like to remove razor bumps, scars or if you just want to totally whiten your skin. Remember that you can peel your whole body with this peeling oil. But since the bottle is very small, you may need to get 3-4 bottles to get all the areas peeled.

One thing I need to tell you is that I didn’t use this peeling oil per instructions. I figured that the leg area has thicker skin so instead of using the peeling oil 3x a day, I used it 6x a day instead. I basically doubled the use to make sure that it will peel the skin. Please watch my video and let me know what you think.