The Truth About Unlabeled Skin Whitening Products Claiming To Be Diana Stalder, Vicki Belo and Manny Calayan

We’ve seen alot of online sellers who sell unlabeled skin whitening products claiming that it’s either made by Diana Stalder (well-known high-end brand), Dr. Vicki Belo or Dr. Manny Calayan (popular dermatologists-to-the-stars in the Philippines). Most of these products have a label of the product’s name, weight and a little description. However, you can never find the manufacturer’s name nor contact information on its labels. Most of them claim that the “brand” that they’re selling is the same as Diana Stalder’s formulation or is the same as the ones that Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Manny Calayan sell inside their clinics. These claims are totally and absolutely false. Here are the facts:

First, Diana Stalder manufactures its products using ingredients imported from Europe and USA. They do not use any asian ingredients at all. This is because imported raw materials are safer and more effective compare to the ones that they sell in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc. Secondly, all of their products have boxes or labels. If a sellers claims to be selling a Diana Stalder brand without its box or label, then it’s not a Diana Stalder brand at all. Stalder never manufactured a DS brand without a box (soaps) or label (creams, lotions, toners). Their contact information together with the products’s name, weight, description and ingredients are on the box/label. Last, they only supply to authorized distributors. Please visit their website to locate an authorized distributor in your area.

Next, if a seller claims that his/her products are the same as the ones that Dr. Vicki Belo or Dr. Manny Calayan sell inside their clinics, then that seller is lying to you and trying to sell you a fake product! The products that Dr. Belo and Dr. Calayan sell inside their clinics can only be sold there. They do not distribute their products outside their clinics and can only be bought if you personally go to a Belo or Calayan derma clinic. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even sell it to you without first seeing one of their dermatologists. They DO NOT distribute it to retailers. Their products are manufactured only for them since it’s a custom formulation. Whoever manufactures their products cannot sell it to the general public since they are binded by a contract stating that it can only be sold to these doctors. In addition, these products are very, very expensive.

Last, these unlabeled products contain the following ingredients: hydroquinone, steroids and mercury. These ingredients are widely available in the Philippines for a very cheap price. As everyone knows , these ingredients are very harmful to your skin and to your whole body. This is the main reason why the USFDA banned these ingredients here in the U.S. in the first place. In addition, using these unlabeled skin whitening products can severely damage your skin. If this happens, it will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just to fix your skin problem. So why dare to use an unlabeled product if you can buy something similar from a reputable company for the same price, if not alittle higher? Remember that cost isn’t the only factor that you should look at when it comes to buying skincare products. You would rather buy something a little expensive but safe, rather than buying an unlabeled product and take the risk of ruining your own skin. Don’t risk the way you look for these products. It’s not worth it.

Also, don’t be tempted to buy an unlabeled product just because someone told you it worked for them or you saw a good review on Amazon or other sites. Those reviews might not be legit. How do you know that the seller of the unlabeled products didn’t post it so that he/she can lure you on buying that unlabeled soap? Again, always do alot of research to find out who are the most reputable skin whitening companies out there. Last but not the least, always research on who’s the manufacturer of the product. Ask the seller about this. We’ve seen alot of unlabeled products where the seller places a label on the product just to make it look legit. The seller printed a sticker with his/her logo and then add some info like the product’s name, weight and a little description but no manufacturer info. Again, always research, research, research the brand and manufacturer before using it on your skin.

Shown below are some examples of unlabeled products. Beware of these.

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Which product are you referring to?