Why Is My Bikini Line And Inner Thighs So Dark And How Can I Lighten It?

Friction is the main cause of dark inner thighs or bikini line. This is very common to individuals with alittle bigger thighs. When you walk or run, you’re rubbing your thighs that causes friction, which leads to darker inner thighs. It can be very embarrassing especially when it’s like 2-3 shades darker that your natural skin tone. In additions, this prevents you from wearing short shorts, bikini and it can make you feel alittle uneasy when it comes be to being intimate. However, you’re not alone. Don’t think that you’re the only one suffering from dark inner thighs. There are many women out there who suffers from the same exact skin problem. Also,  there is a way to lighten it but you have to be very, very patient. Here’s one way to do it.

  1. Use a strong peel to remove the top layer of the skin (the dark part).

Note: I would suggest to use the Diana Stalder Multifruit Exfoliant as your peeler but please read, read and read the directions on how to use it properly.

  1. Use a lightening soap (Papaya Kojic from DS as well) AM and PM. Make sure that you leave it on for like 5 mins and then use a really good scrub to buff those dead skin cells.

  2. Use a lightening cream AM and PM and make sure that you apply a generous amount.

These three items can be purchased as a set/kit for $37.99 (cheaper than going to a dermatologists). Here’s the link where you can purchase it from: Dark Inner Thighs Whitening Kit

Note: If your dark inner thighs is a shade darker that your skin tone, then you should see a difference after using the products listed above within 4-8 weeks. If it’s 2 shades or darker, then you may want to do the peeling process 2-3 times (wait a week before doing it again) to really see results. Again, read the instructions on the Exfoliant carefully. Lightening your inner thighs can take a long processs, however, if you are patient and use the recommended products religiously, then you will see the results that you’ve been dreaming of – an even inner thighs.

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